Stay Young and Healthy with No-Hit Boxing

You used to play a lot of basketball and soccer with your friends and classmates in high school. But then, college happened and everyone had to leave home to another state where ever their application got through. You may be able to sneak in a few shooting and running but it’s so hard with the irregular schedule of classes. Now, you are an executive and your time for exercise has been reduced to zero; only given time for a fancy pen to lift.

If you are starting to feel old or think that you are aging too fast, it’s time to learn a new sport, take interest and allot time for it.

Your basketball and soccer days may be over and so are the other team sports that you used to play. Now, it’s time to take on a new individual sport; something exciting and trendy.

Learn Something New

Learn Something New - GymMembershipFees“Old dogs can’t learn new tricks”. You have probably heard that saying and if you are ready to accept that you can’t learn new things then, that statement will really be offensive.

Instead of being offended why not take on the challenge and prove to yourself that you can learn something new and are still able to take on new challenges. Forget about the old stuff that you used to do. Maybe, the reason why you are not calling some friends and arranging for a basketball game or putting on your running shoes for an evening jog is that you are tired of doing them. A new activity is all you need to start packing that old sports bag and loading it in the trunk of your car again.

Try Something you can do as an Individual

Now, for your choice of a fitness activity, it should be something that you can do as an individual or something you can attend as in a fitness class where you can just mix in with a group of people.

The older you get, the busier you become and so does everyone else. It will be hard to find common time for a basketball game. A game of tennis might even be impossible. Besides, learning a new sport with a big group of people will be interesting. It will definitely spice up your social life that could also be suffering.

Something Useful

And while you are at it; learning something new, why not take on something that has a practical use. Now, we are not saying that you are working or living in some dark alley where self-defense is one of your concerns but why not take up no-hit boxing at the Title Boxing Club.

Every kid has one time or another dreamt of becoming a boxer. This could be the opportunity to pursue this sport in a non-contact fashion. We are not saying that you are too old for Golden Gloves but before pursuing that, maybe you can get used to throwing out some punches and kicks first.

No-hit boxing is one of the best ways to get into shape

First of all, it is an aerobic activity that will get your heart pumping to clear the arteries of cholesterol and reduce overall body fat. Just imagine bouncing, punching and kicking for an hour. That will probably be more cardio work than what an office executive does for a year.

Second, it will greatly improve your flexibility. One of the causes of adult injuries is lack of flexibility. Full rotation punches and hip swinging kicks will easily resolve this problem.

Lastly, no-hit boxing will improve your self-confidence, not so much as having the ability to knock somebody out but to in proving to yourself that you still have what it takes to engage in a challenging aerobic, strength-based and high-skilled sport. After all, the greatest barrier that’s keeping you from being young lies in your head.

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