Jennifer Aniston Workout

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Playing Rachel Green in the hit television series, “Friends”, has definitely helped make Jennifer Aniston a household name. Besides being married to Brad Pitt for ten years and getting remarried, this time to Justin Theroux, Jennifer has always been able to attract really good-looking men, possibly due to her healthy glow and slim physique. People can barely believe that she is already 46 years old.
Jennifer has been a fan of working ever since she can remember, adding up juices and nutritious food to enhance her softer and leaner physique. The actress shares that it’s not about beating herself too hard just to achieve an extremely toned body. It’s about having fun and letting her body grow naturally are the secrets of her weight maintenance success.

Jennifer Aniston Diet Secrets

Jennifer starts her day by drinking warm water with lemon then she proceeds to have her coffee and a morning shake with eggs, avocado and whole wheat toast topped with a few drops of coconut oil. The “Just Go With It” actress drinks three to four 23-oz water in a day and she clearly makes it a habit because she believes water hydrates not only her body, but her skin as well.

Jennifer’s diet mainly follows the Barry Sear’s Zone Diet, which involves 40 percent carbs, 30 percent proteins, and 30 percent fats. The actress believes that dieting or starving the body just to lose weight is a dumb idea as eating right is the best way to keep healthy. Balancing and moderation are the key, especially if it’s mainly from fresh food such as vegetables and fruits.

The Jennifer Aniston Sample Menu

Breakfast – whole wheat toast, apple butter, cheese, cereal bar downed with ginger peach shake from coconut water

Lunch – salad that has cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes and lentils or a variation of white beans and onions partnered with celery soup

Dinner – white fish with nuts and steamed greens or marinated salmon with asparagus and shallots or a chicken burrito with no cheese or sour cream

The Jennifer Aniston Workout Plan

Jennifer admits to exercising five to six times in a week, making sure that her fitness equipment are with her at all times especially when she is away to film a movie. She also does stretches and sit-ups before going to bed and she makes sure to do this as a routine on a daily basis.
Basically, it’s 40 minutes cardio that includes spinning, the elliptical, running or on good days, a combination of all three. She also does Pilates once a week and yoga for three times a week. She likes to mix up her routine to avoid boredom and repetition.
The star also lifts weights whenever she is in a hotel as arm exercises are her secrets of her super toned biceps.

Jennifer Aniston and Her Yoga Workout

Under yoga instructor Mandy Ingber, Jennifer’s exercise program highlights yoga positions that are similar to plank or holding a push up position without shifting the body to focus on the definition of the abs muscles; crescents or going into a deep lunge position, holding the hands together directly over the body to get an improved back; and a tree pose for sixty-seconds.
She has also incorporated Budokon, a physically demanding routine that uses the meditation and poses of yoga to achieve balance and change to the body and her chakras. She has taken friend Courtney Cox in one of her sessions because the actress believes in enjoying every moment when exercising as it increases the happy hormones or also known as endorphins.
Budokon is considered as a Japanese yoga martial arts that translates to “the way of warrior of the spirit”. This exercise is a high-intensity, four-way union technique that is good for the heart, increasing body strength and improves mental health as well. It also culminates and maintain lean muscles, instead of making the body look bulky and big, like most body-builders.

How to Successfully Apply the Jennifer Aniston Workout

Overall, if anyone would like to incorporate the diet and workout routine of Jennifer, they need to learn how to love their food by not depriving themselves of what they want. The key is eating it in moderation and changing up empty calories with nutritious food choices. Jennifer loves to eat fish and it’s because it helps in improving her weight, hair and skin.

Discipline in working out, making sure to incorporate strength and cardio exercises, and establishing a routine can also help people who aspire to follow Jennifer’s healthy lifestyle. Strength training increases muscle tones and can be good for the bones while simple exercises like stretching, sit-ups and lunges with the addition of yoga and mixed martial arts can definitely up the chances of weight loss and optimal health achievement.