Optimal Times to Do Yoga

Optimal Times to Do Yoga

The key to gaining the numerous benefits of yoga is to practice consistently. This is why it’s important to find a routine that fits your needs, lifestyle and schedule. Ultimately, it does not matter what time you do yoga – the important thing is that the schedule works for you.

Morning Yoga

Ashtanga yoga and other traditional systems encourage doing yoga asanas in the morning, if possible, before the sun rises.  Practicing yoga in the morning will give you a boost of energy, clear your mind and set the tone for the rest of your day. People with manageable or predictable morning schedules can easily incorporate 30 to 45 minutes of yoga practice in the morning. Those who feel energetic upon waking up are also inclined to do yoga around this time.

You can do vinyasa flow classes like sun salutations, or perhaps invigorating backbends and even inversions like headstands and handstands.

Afternoon Yoga

Doing yoga in the afternoon can relieve your stress from a busy morning.  Your muscles may be more warmed up later in the day which means you can focus on improving your flexibility. Afternoon is when you have more energy and at the same time, you probably also have the need to relax. Adding more restorative poses can put your mind and body at ease.

Evening Yoga

In the evening yoga removes the fatigue from the day’s hectic schedule and helps you calm your mind and body. An ideal yoga routine for this time of day promotes relaxation and relieves stress, allowing you to unwind. Relaxing poses are best for the evening to melt away tension and enable you to have a good snooze.

Choosing the Best Time to Do Yoga

The best time for yoga varies for everyone. The key is finding the time that works for you. Choose a time when you can focus on yourself – when there are no other people around who may distract you or keep you preoccupied. It may be a good idea to enroll in a yoga class like the ones offered by YogaWorks. This way you can truly concentrate on your practice.

Another way to determine the best time for yoga is to see how the poses feel at different times of the day. Some people have more energy in the morning but the muscles might be tighter. They may feel more limber in the evenings but also feel tired.

Can I Do Yoga Before Going to Bed?

Yes, you absolutely can. Try to do some restorative and relaxing poses before going to sleep. You want to avoid active classes like vinyasa as it could make you feel energized and thus will cause you to have difficulty sleeping. Think of an evening yoga practice as a way to wind down and not wind up.

Final Thoughts

Whatever time of day you choose to do yoga, be sure you can stick to the same schedule and include it into your daily routine. People are creatures of habit, so if you really want your schedule to stick, make every effort to stay consistent.

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