How to Keep Workouts Enjoyable

Does this sound familiar? You join a fitness club, say, Fit Body Boot Camp and the first few days you’re excited. Then after a couple of weeks you get bored, and suddenly, hitting the gym feels more like a chore. If your workouts have begun to feel more like a grind, here are some tips to liven things up.

You Lack Motivation

Start a journal which states your goals and objectives. Make the goals realistic, say, lose 2 to 4 lbs a week or do 30 crunches after two weeks. These are just examples and you should adjust it to match your capabilities.

Anytime you’re feeling down, look at the journal and see how far you’ve come. This should spur you to move on.

The Routines Have Become Monotonous

If you find yourself going through the motions it’s a sign your routines have become well, routine. It’s time to change things up by doing new exercises, replacing old ones or modifying the ones you’re doing.

This can be as simple as adding more sets and reps or using new machines. If you’ve got a personal trainer, talk to them about modifying your routine. If you’re doing it alone, mix things up and try a different approach.

Whatever the case may be, don’t allow yourself to become comfortable. The moment you feel that way, make things more challenging. it’s not just about overcoming boredom but also making sure you push your body to the limit.

You Work Too Hard

Maybe the problem is you’re trying to do too much. If you’re trying to lift very heavy weights or doing very difficult moves, the exertion will take the fun out. It’s true your goal is to push yourself, but it must not come at the expense of your health.

Your personal trainer will guide you here, and there are several beginner’s workout programs online that you can try as well.  The point is you don’t want to force yourself to do too much right away as it could lead to injury.

Take a Break

Is there another reason why you’re not enjoying your time in the gym? Is there a personal problem that you’re dealing with? In that case you may want to take a break and resolve the situation first.


You may also try working out with a friend. There’s nothing quite like hitting the gym with a kindred spirit who’ll inspire and challenge you. Bottom line is, have fun!

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