How to Have a Six Pack in 2 Months

Contrary to popular belief, we already have our own six pack. It’s just that our six pack is covered with excessive fat. Only those who have specifically worked on their abdomens have a six pack that are marvelous to look at. But there’s an effective way of letting your six pack come out. That is, if you are willing to do the necessary exercises that will let them flee from under your unwanted belly fats.

But Don’t Over Do It

But Don’t Over Do It-GymMembershipFeesSome people, in their desire to get what they want fast, go to extremes and suffered the consequences. Your belly fat did not develop overnight therefore you can’t eliminate it just like that. You have to have some patience. In fact, two weeks is also quite a short time to accomplish this. But that space of time will give you enough headway to get the results that you want.

Step 1 – Watch Your Diet

Watch Your Diet-GymMembershipFeesThe very first thing that causes fat to develop in your waist is the wrong kind of foods that you are eating. If you will limit yourself to healthy foods, you won’t have any problems with fat. So, you need to clean up your act. For the next two weeks, keep away from deep fried foods, processed foods, refined foods and foods that are high in saturated fats. That means you should not visit your favorite fast food center at least for the next two weeks. Limit your food intake on whole grain, high fiber and naturally grown foods. If you can’t resist eating meat, limit yourself to the lean ones.

Step 2 – Limit your Calorie Intake

Limit your Calorie Intake-GymMembershipFeesDon’t assume that calories come only from solid foods. If you are in the habit of drinking wine and alcohol, you are taking in more calories than you should. Processed drinks are also a source of high calories. So avoid drinking alcohol and sodas for the next two weeks if you want to let your six pack come out. Drink water instead, preferably the filtered or purified ones. According to the USDA, men should drink at least 3.7 liters a day, while women should take 2.7 liters a day.

Step 3 – Work Your Abs

Work Your Abs-GymMembershipFeesIt’s now time for you to work on your abdomen. Preferably, you should work on the whole area, not just your upper abs to develop symmetry. There are a lot of recommended exercises to do this. Some are leg raises, Swiss ball side crunches, hanging leg raises, jackknifes, and Swiss ball crunches. Perform these exercises consecutively for 15 to 20 repetitions without resting in between. After one set, rest for about 60 seconds and repeat them until you complete about four to six sets, depending on your stamina.

Step 4 – Do Cardio Exercises

Do Cardio Exercises-GymMembershipFeesDo some cardiovascular exercises. This is the fastest route in developing your six pack. Since you have a goal of acquiring it for two weeks, you need an intensified cardiovascular training – but only as far as your body can take the exercises. Perform these exercises on alternating days, three times a week. Sample exercises include running, biking, swimming, stair stepping, and rowing. Practice 45 to 60 minutes of cardio training, alternately. For instance, warm up for 15 minutes, then follow it up by a 15 to 30 seconds sprint, then rest for 60 seconds, and finish the set with a 15 minute cool down.

Step 5 – Combine Exercises on Alternate Days

Combine Exercises on Alternate Days-GymMembershipFeesPut the exercises together and do them alternately. For example, do your cardio exercises on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Then do your abs exercises on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Sundays are reserved for light workouts such as jogging or biking for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Step 6 – Get Enough Rest

Get Enough Rest-GymMembershipFeesAccording to the CDC, you should also get enough sleep, at least 8 hours each day, and during your normal sleeping hours. Remember that you are pushing yourself hard to achieve your six pack goal in just two weeks. Therefore, you must support your physical training with enough amount of rest. Your body needs to release hormones and to repair itself and only when you get enough sleep can your body do that efficiently.

Additional Things You Can Do

Aside from the six steps given above, you can also do additional things to facilitate the development of your six pack. You can get a Pilates video or join a group doing these exercises at least 2 days a week. Pilates has core exercises that can provide additional abdominal strength and toning such as V-sit and plank.

You can also join a gym that offers lessons in quick development and strengthening of your abs. Gyms such as David Barton Gym and Planet Fitness surely have physical trainers that can help you reach your goal of developing your six pack in two weeks.

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