How to Gear Up for your First Triathlon

Training for a triathlon won’t be complete without the proper gear that you will eventually be using in the actual event. Having the right equipment will help you save up on time, and eventually help you finish the race faster. It is always best to invest in the right materials to ensure that you get the outcome that you want.

Here are some ways on how to gear up for your first triathlon after enrolling in SoulCycle.

  • Invest in tri suits – Tri suits come in very handy especially if you are trying to save up on time. Tri suits can be used for the entire triathlon, which means that you can use it to swim, bike, and cycle. These types of clothing are designed to improve hydrodynamics during swimming, and increase aerodynamics for cycling. These suits are also designed to prevent chafing and stay safe from the harmful rays of the sun. these also dry very quickly, which means when you transition from swimming, you do not have to worry about being wet, because just being under the sun will dry you up pretty quickly while wearing these suits. 
  • Invest in waterproof watches – these watches come in handy and especially while you are swimming, you can take note of your speed and maintain your time while in the water. It can also be a good companion for when you are running, try to get those with the built in mp3 so that you do not get bored while you are running or cycling.
  • Get some good sunglasses – of course, how can you live without sunglasses. Since you will be running, swimming, and cycling under the sun, it is always a good idea to have the right eye wear to prevent any damage caused to your eyes. 
  • Get the right goggles – Who can forget the goggles. Having the right goggles will ensure that your eyes do not get filled with water while you are swimming. Having goggles that do not fit well with your face, or are not tight enough, can cause water to enter into your eyes, thus causing you to stop and fix them while you are swimming. Make sure to buy goggles that are leak proof from the inside, so that you do not waste time having to fix them while you are swimming.
  • Buy the right bike shoes – Having the right cycling shoes is also essential for any triathlete. It is advisable that your purchase shoes that have stiff soles that are naturally designed for cyclers. These will give you more power and balance. Try to look for “clip less” cycling shoes, these types of shoes can be attached directly to the pedal to give you the most pedal efficiency.

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