How to Avoid a Sugar Craving

Do you constantly have cravings? Do you often grab a candy bar during an afternoon slump then reach for a bottle of soda? It’s about time you tame those sugar cravings before it leads to an awful health condition.

Munching sugary snacks would simply make you crave for more. Consuming lots of carbohydrates without fats or protein backup can quickly satisfy one’s hunger. It would also give you an energy boost but it would only last shortly. This food stuff will quickly leave you famished and craving more.

Reason We Crave for Sugar

Reason We Crave for Sugar-GymMembershipFeesPeople crave for sweet things for various reasons. This type of appetite may be hardwired since sweet is the very first taste human beings prefer from birth. In addition, carbohydrates tend to stimulate or enhance the release of serotonin, otherwise known as the feel-good chemical in the brain.

Sugar is a carbohydrate; however, carbs come in different forms like vegetables, fruits and whole grain. In addition, sugar’s taste releases endorphins which calm and relax the body. Endorphins offer a natural high. Of course, sweets taste good and this preference gets reinforced when you reward yourself with sweet treats.

Consuming sweets will surely make you crave for more. Then the problems come when you over-consume. This is easy when sugar is included in many processed foods which include sauces, juices, yogurt and bread.

How to Stop Cravings for Sugar

Give in a Little

You may eat a little of what you’re craving. Take a small candy bar or a cookie. Enjoying a smaller portion of what you’re craving for will help ease the feeling that you’re denying something. Try sticking to the 150-calorie threshold for a much better result.

Combine Food Items

Combine Food Items-GymMembershipFeesIn case the idea of eating a candy bar becomes impossible to restrain, you may still have a taste so as to satisfy the craving. But try combining sweets with a healthy food. For instance, if you love chocolates, why not dip a banana in a sauce that’s made of choco? This would mean taking what your heart desires.

Better yet, mix some almonds and chocolate chips. This would be a beneficial bonus since you will satisfy your craving and obtain healthy nutrients, as well.

Go Cold Turkey

For some people, cutting out simple sugar works could be tough especially the first 48 to 72 hours. Going cold turkey for them would help diminish their craving; others find they still crave for sugar but after some time, they’re able to satisfy their hunger with less. It’s just a matter of training the taste buds.

Grab Some Gum

For those who do not want to completely avoid giving in to sugar craving, you could try chewing a gum stick. Studies show that chewing gums could reduce food cravings.

Eat Fruits

Keep these fruits handy when sugar cravings attack. You will get nutrients and fiber together with some sweetness. In addition, stock up on food items such as dried fruits, seeds and nuts. Have these food items handy so you could simply reach for the old sugary taste.

Get Up and Go

Get Up and Go-GymMembershipFeesWhenever craving for sugar persists, you have to walk away. You may walk around the block or go to the Curves (Fees or Reviews) gym for a change. Shake off that hunger for sweets by running on the treadmill. Better yet, do something so as to change the scenery. This will surely take your mind from the food you are craving.

It’s Important to Choose Quality Over Quantity

For those who really need a splurge of sugar, choose a decadent sugary food. But make sure to keep it in a small quantity. For instance, you may select a dark chocolate truffle and not a large-sized candy bar. Savor every bite and take your chocolate slowly.

Do not swear off your favorites less you will only come back wanting for greater portions. You have to learn how to incorporate smaller quantities in your diet. However, focus on filling your tummy with healthier alternatives with less sugar content.

Regular Eating Habits

Regular Eating Habits-GymMembershipFeesRemember that waiting too long and in between meals might set you up to choosing sugary food items as well as fatty foods so as to cut your hunger. Instead, you could eat every 3 to 5 hours so as to help keep your blood sugar in a stable state. This would also avoid irrational eating tendencies.

What would be your best bet? You may go for whole grains, produce, fiber-rich foods and protein. Wouldn’t eating often mean overeating? Well, not if you will learn how to effectively break up your meals. A slice of toast for breakfast could be taken with peanut butter.

You could also save some yogurt for your mid-morning snack. Lunch should also be broken the same way. The idea here is to avoid the mid-afternoon slump. You shouldn’t falter when it comes to avoiding sweets. Remember that giving in a lot would cause greater risk to your wellbeing.

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