How IV Therapy Helps You Recover & Boost Performance After An Intense Workout

The golden ratio for achieving optimum athletic performance is 20% workout and 80% proper nutrition. Though, don’t let the 20% give you wrong ideas. The intensity of certain athletic workouts might seem way out of the league for many people. 

Such intense workout sessions call for meticulous diets and other nutritional supplements. Without these, it would be almost impossible for athletes to survive in their sport. It’s a well documented fact that an athlete’s body is generally conditioned to consume and nourish in real-time rather than absorb stored energy. 

So if you’re constantly pushing hard as athletes do, you need to adequately and consistently fuel your body with the best methods available. While eating healthy and keeping yourself hydrated might seem an easy task, truth be told, it isn’t. This is where today’s medical advancements offer you the possibility to boost your athletic performance with IV therapy.

Several IV spas and clinics offer nutritional IV cocktails that can potentially improve your athletic performance.

Technical Aspects of Athletic Nutrition

Some people assume that athletic performance and strength improve almost immediately after an intense workout. The key to enhancing your body’s strength and endurance is recovery. 

No matter how hard you train, all those efforts go to waste if you don’t get adequate rest and nutrition. Missing out on either of the two will negatively impact your health. This is when you must remember the above-mentioned 2:8 golden ratio. 

Let’s look at some key body functions for athletes to excel at their sport.

  • During a workout, blood circulation that focuses on other body functions is redirected toward major muscle groups. This is why fitness experts at XSport Fitness suggest avoiding heavy meals just before your workout. Otherwise, your body will get confused about what task to focus on.
  • As your workout intensifies, your adrenal gland starts to release cortisol. Inadequate rest can overproduce this stress hormone and create other health problems. You will need Vitamin B12 to counteract the effects of this, even when you’re not working out.
  • Muscle tissue recovery. After a rigorous workout session, your muscle tissue will have several tears. Your body counteracts these damages by building muscle mass and strength. A good amount of nutrients and ample rest are essential requirements for these repairs to happen effectively.
  • As your body repairs damaged muscle tissue, you feel soreness, inflammation, and muscle cramps, which require additional amino acids to mitigate and fuel the resultant effects.
  • Intense workouts drain almost 6% of an average human’s body weight in fluids. This causes dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.

How IV Therapy Helps As Opposed To Oral Supplements

While many athletes and regular gym goers rely on stringent diets and oral supplements, IV therapy offers a much more efficient and faster solution. Undoubtedly, proper diet and rest alone could do wonders for physical transformations. However, high-performing athletes have very little room for error during strenuous workouts and strict schedules. 

While it’s all about how well your body can produce energy and recover, athletes often find it hard to match expectations as traditional methods make them prone to injuries and stress-induced issues. 

With nutritional IV therapy, essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins and fluids are directly supplied to the bloodstream bypassing the digestive tract. This eliminates all the delays and aids in enhanced absorption of up to 100% of all that’s required by the body to perform at its best. Adding 40 minutes of IV therapy sessions to their busy schedules can be a definite life changer.


Your body must produce energy and recover, irrespective of the number of workouts or nutrients that go into your body. Through nutritional IV, one of the best measures offered by medical science, you can improve your body with enough hydration and micronutrients to experience enhanced performance during training programs and athletic events. It further decreases your recovery time, soreness, and fatigue, enabling you to perform better and faster. 

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