Terry Crews Workout And Diet

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It’s hard to miss Terry Crews’ physique. Everyone will readily agree that this actor is in terrific shape. And did you know he’s 46 years old? He can be making people laugh on the hit comedy show Brooklyn Nine-Nine or showing off his form in TV commercials, whatever this actor is doing he is doing fitness right.

Crews’ muscular built is a product of a workout routine that the Michigan-born celebrity designed himself. Needless to say, it takes dedication and hard work to achieve his form.

A Sporty Idea

Since Crews used to be an NFL linebacker, he was able to tap into his sports background to create his workout style. What you’ll find in the celebrity’s routine is that it contains the power clean. What is this? It’s a robust exercise that aims to build body power all over.

The actor says he decided to go for this kind of focus since it helps build big muscles in the biceps and back area. When Crews is done with the power clean, he proceeds to do some usual bodybuilding workouts while keeping the priority on building mass in the triceps, pecs and biceps.

Before Beginning

Make sure to do Crews exercise routine once a week and take a day of rest before and after doing any other exercise that focuses on your upper body. The paired routines are labelled with an A and a B and these pairs should be accomplished as a superset.

Make sure to do a set of A and follow it up right away with its corresponding set B. Do complete the pairing until the entire set has been ticked off your list. The rest of the moves should be done as straight sets.

Power Clean

Do 4 sets with 10 reps per set for the power clean. Stand up and keep your feet apart at hip’s distance. Next, bend the hips back and grasp the bar. Make sure your hands are just a bit beyond shoulder-width apart in distance.

Do maintain a natural arch in your lower back as you push your heels into the ground, pulling the bar up along the shins. Do so until the bar is by the upper thighs. By then you should explosively extend your hips. Think of it like you’re jumping. At the same moment you should shrug your shoulders as you pull the bar up. Pull straight and make sure the bar is in front of the torso. When the bar is at that point, keep your elbows bent. Your palms should be facing the ceiling. Next, catch the bar at the level of your shoulders.

Incline Bench Press

Shoot for 4 reps for this workout. Make sure you do 12, 10, 9 and 8 reps.

Take an adjustable bench and have it set to an incline containing 30 to 45 degrees. Lie back on the bench. Take hold of the bar and keep your hands at your shoulders’ width. Next, pull the bar, removing it from the rack.

Lower the bar down to the upper region of your chest area. Make sure you tuck your elbows and keep them close to the sides. As the bar touches you, push your feet hard into the ground while pressing the bar up.

Machine Chest Press

Focus on completing 4 reps here with 20, 12, 8 and 4 reps.

Before you begin, set the seat’s height in a way that the handles are in line with the center part of your chest. You’ll know you set it right when you hold the handles because your elbows should be almost at a 90-degree angle.

Next, keep pressing on the handles up until elbows are locked. Per rep, make sure to have tension on the muscles at the bottom part.

Dumbbell, Crews’ Style

Set A: Dumbbell Flye. Do 4 sets of 10 reps per set here.

On a flat bench, lie down and have a dumbbell placed in each of your hands. Make sure there is a slight bend on the elbows. Next, spread your arms while lowering the dumbbells. Do so until you can feel a stretch in the pecs. Afterwards, flex your pecs and then finally bring the dumbbells back into the beginning position.

Set B: Dumbbell Curl. Aim for 4 sets, each containing 10 reps.

Have a dumbbell in each of your hands and keep your arms by the sides. Curl the dumbbells while letting your upper arms stay in place. Continue to curl until both elbows are completely flexed.

Dips and Push-ups

Set A: Dip. Do 4 sets with 10 reps per set.

Have yourself suspended over the bars in a dip station. Next, bring your body down until the upper arms are in a parallel position with the ground.

Set B: Push-up. Complete 4 sets, each containing 20 reps.

Position your hands on the ground. Make sure they are shoulder-width apart in distance. Next, have your legs extend behind your body. Afterwards, brace your abs while lowering your whole body. Do so up until your chest is about an inch above the ground.

The Expendables Physique

This workout is effective in its simplicity, and thanks in part to the power clean’s explosive method.

Crews workout is so effective that even famed musclemen and Hollywood A-listers Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger—both starred with Crews in Expendables 3—noticed Crews impressive arms.