Gym Closures are 2020’s Version of the Prohibition

Fitness and alcohol may not necessarily have a lot in common but the two are being likened by many nowadays as governments continue to keep gyms closed as a means to curb the spread of the coronavirus. With people being prevented from heading to their gyms, underground fitness ‘centers’ and speakeasy gyms are on the rise. Many regular gyms are also operating on the down low, illicitly offering programs and services even if local governments have explicitly told them not to open their doors to the public.

Such a situation is alarming but not necessarily surprising. Gyms have always operated illegally in many places for various reasons. Even before the pandemic, a lot of fitness centers operated under the radar to dodge government regulations, financial issues, and many other issues. Patrons continue to go to them for their favorite equipment, classes, and even the community they have. 

These are pretty much the very same reasons why lots of folks continue to go to gyms even if the government tells them they can’t and they shouldn’t. The gym experience is very different from working out at home, oftentimes due to the available equipment but sometimes, it’s also about the sense of community such places foster. Lots of people feel better motivated being around other people who are also working hard to get in better shape, so for most folks, gym sessions cannot be replaced by home workouts.

Unfortunately, it’s not an excuse, especially when it’s everyone’s health in danger. Regular exercise may be helpful in boosting your health but with a deadly virus on the loose, the risks are just too high. 

Such worries are even further highlighted by the fact that regulations are not as strictly followed in illegal gyms. Since these places are trying their best to be discreet and low key, they might skip the effort of ensuring proper ventilation in their spaces as well as following the government’s  rigorous safety protocols.

If you’re among the folks who are thinking of taking the risk and going for an underground gym to ensure that you’ll get a regular workout, we urge you to think twice. There are lots of other gyms and fitness programs that tweaked their operations to provide the gym experience you want so they can be great alternatives for you.

For example, Orangetheory Fitness started offering outdoor classes in some of their locations. They also offer at-home workout programs and are gearing towards the launch of a digital club that is highly personalized and can keep their clients engaged even if they’re not in the same room as their instructor and fellow exercisers.

Look for places with such flexibility so you can still exercise regularly without putting your health at risk.

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