Greatest Gyms in North Virginia

Greatest Gyms in North Virginia

If you live in Virginia, then you might be lucky enough to be near an American Family Fitness gym. This gym is all about serving the people of Virginia, which is why they limit their locations to Richmond (with 7 locations), Fredericksburg (one location), and Williamsburg (one location).

But if you’re in Northern Virginia, those gyms will be too far from you. The good news is that there are plenty of great gyms in NoVa territory. After all, that region is actually the most populous area in the state, and even in the whole Washington metropolitan area.

So, here are the best NoVa gyms, depending on what you’re looking for.


If you want a Pilates Studio, nothing’s better in Northern Virginia than Club Pilates Burke. They actually have lots of locations throughout the NoVa region. But you might want to focus on being a member the one in Burke, as this place offers the fantastic reformer fusion classes. It’s available for all age and fitness levels, and these classes can really sculpt your body.


If you see how kickboxers train, it’s easy to understand how they can have fit and healthy bodies. There’s a lot of punching and kicking, plus you have to bob around a lot to avoid getting hit. Besides, it’s a martial arts discipline, which does wonders for your confidence.

The best gym in Northern Virginia for Kickboxing is Urban Boxing, as the place will certainly get you a complete workout. And they also offer traditional boxing classes as well, if kicks aren’t your thing.


If you just want to pedal to achieve fitness without facing the risks of biking outdoors, then get yourself to the New Trail Cycling & Strength Studio. Cycling is a great option, as you boost your cardio health and burn off a lot of calories. And you won’t have to punish your knees a lot, unlike running.

This place is actually a boutique studio, but it doesn’t have that focus on looks. Instead, you get individualized workouts that will have you feeling great, both physically and mentally.

Plus, they also have strength training equipment here, so you can also focus on building muscles in your upper body. That’s not something you can do with just the stationary bike, unfortunately.


CrossFit is an extremely popular type of workout, because it’s effective and efficient. It gets you healthy and fit without wasting too much time. That’s especially true if you go to Halo Fitness. You get excellent facilities and terrific classes without having to pay too much.

And when you’re there, you have to try the CrossFit 703 program. This class involves lots of high-intensity movements, and they’re functional as well. In addition, the movements vary regularly, so that your body doesn’t get used to the same old movements. You will always be challenged, so you can progress.

The program comes with expert coaching, so you will always know what to do and how to do things properly. You even get a general nutritional plan that goes with your training nicely. That way, you combine diet and exercise perfectly.


This isn’t for the faint of heart, or for casual gym rats. Instead, this is for the truly dedicated. After all, this type of training is based on military-style fitness programs, and the principle here is that being unfit can get you killed. They actually mean that literally.

If you’re in NoVa territory, then try the Bootcamp classes at Hodges Fitness. Yes, there are group classes and they’re held outdoors. The workouts are certainly intense, but you develop mental strength as well as muscles!

So, take time out from your visits to historical sites in Northern Virginia, and make sure you get to a gym regularly as well. 

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