Get Up and Get Out of Your Workout Funk

Even the gym rats among us will find themselves in a workout funk. In a manner of speaking, this is your mind and body’s way of demanding for a break from the stresses resulting from strenuous physical exercise. But when your workout break becomes a prolonged workout funk, you have to take action ASAP!

Why is this so? Within a month, you will lose the health benefits including the increased cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength gained in the previous months of dedicated workouts.  Of course, you can rest your mind and body but completely quitting workouts isn’t advisable for a healthy lifestyle.  

Here are a few easy yet effective ways that you can get up and get out of your funk!

Find the Fun Again

Of course, working out means hard work, too – it’s called a workout for a reason. But when you add fun to the equation, you will be less likely to see it as work and more likely to enjoy it. You may have seen your workout sessions as a chore and a bore, thus, your funk.

The trick is to make your workouts fun again by:

  • Finding a new gym buddy. In a Gold’s Gym, for example, you will find many interesting people who can become your inspiration, perhaps even your mentor.
  • Getting into a new program. You may have focused on barre exercises so it’s time to try a new set of exercises, such as MMA-style conditioning. Your body may already be burned out from the repetitive movements, a cue that your mind took up.  

You can even increase your level of socialization with your fellow exercisers but be sure to work on getting back into your workout program, too.

Find Your Inner Cheerleader

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery but when it comes to workout goals, it’s one of the most influential factors in failure. Your mind and body are different so your workout goals should be different, too, although you may be inspired by another person’s achievement. Otherwise, you will find yourself constantly comparing your own successes and failures with other people – and you’re not going to win!

Instead of making futile comparisons, you have to become your own best cheerleader. You have to celebrate every small and large gain achieved, even if it’s just a mental pat on the back, because it’s your achievement. Your workout funk may have been caused by your discouragement in seeing that others seem to be making greater strides while you’re lagging behind.

Basically, you just have to get up from your chair now, get into your gym gear, and start exercising at Gold’s Gym! You getting out of your workout funk will follow soon enough.

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