Get Leaner with These Protein-Rich Alternatives Other Than Meat

Aside from visiting gyms like Anytime Fitness, diet plays an important role in one’s goal of getting healthier and leaner. And when people say lean, the word protein almost always comes to mind.

Protein is a macronutrient that helps boost metabolism, and even reduce appetite. As it changes the levels of weight regulating hormones, it is a great dietary buddy when you want to shed off some unwanted and unnecessary fats.

Meat is a popular source of protein. But did you know that other than this, there are other healthy alternatives that can supply your this much-needed nutrient?

In this article, we’ve listed down seven protein-rich alternatives you might want to include in your diet.


Have you ever wondered where vegans outsource their protein? Beans are some of their alternatives. From soybeans to kidney beans to lima beans, a cup of this food can give you as much as 30 grams of protein!

Besides, beans are also great additions to other healthy meal options like salads and omelets.


Speaking of omelets, eggs are also protein-rich foods — an incredible source, at that. Eating a hard-boiled egg will already give you six grams of protein alone. On top of the weight loss-inducing nutrient, eggs are also fortified with B6, B12, folate, riboflavin and thiamin.


Cheese, especifically cottage cheese, is also an essential supplier of protein. A half-cup of this type of cheese is responsible for 13 grams of your recommended daily protein intake (which is 56 grams for men, and 46 grams for women).

Apart from protein, it can also give you your daily dose of calcium, in case you also want to strengthen your bones.


Ah — nuts! Whenever this word is mentioned, a lot of its variety comes to mind — almonds, cashews, walnuts and peanuts. Besides being tasty and delicious, nuts are great sources of many essential macro and micronutrients — and protein is just one of them. The long list also includes vitamin B6, vitamin E, potassium, zinc, magnesium and phosphorus.


If a vegan friend asks you for other sources of protein, you should not hesitate recommending quinoa. A single cup of this food is already accountable for 24 grams of your protein requirement. Take note that what it provides is not just your ordinary protein — it’s a complete protein. It means that it contains all nine essential amino acids.

Chia Seeds

A chia seed may be a rare protein supplier, but one must not discount the benefit that this small superfood gives! A seed is packed with protein, antioxidants, fiber, and heart-friendly fatty acids.

If you doubt your energy drink, you might want to use chia seeds as substitute. Fitness experts also highly recommend these as natural pre-workout supplements.


This list would not be complete without milk, and other milk products. A cup of non-fat milk already contains around grams of protein. However, milk drinkers must know that as fat content increases, there is a decline in the amount of protein it contains.

But just like quinoa, this protein-supplier also boast of all nine essential amino acids.

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