Get Leaner Faster With These 3 CrossFit Strategies

Fat loss can be such a pain in the neck, especially when you’re on a fitness plateau where nothing new seems to happen despite increased intensity, frequency, or duration of workouts. But don’t despair as CrossFit strategies may well save the day!

Of course, you can just enrol in a CrossFit class in Max Fitness but if you’re not into the fitness discipline for any reason, you can still apply many of its strategies. You will find that these strategies will produce better results – in other words, get a leaner body within a shorter period!

#1 Get Your Goals Lined Up

When you have clearly defined goals, you can maximize your fat loss because you have benchmarks of where you want to go as against where you are now. Think of “clearly defined goals” as “SMART goals” since these mean “specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound goals”, a concept borrowed from the business world.

CrossFit sessions start with workouts of the day (WOD), which give their participants a sense of purpose. You can also adopt WODs so that your motivation level will remain high. You may want to write down 1-2 goals before each session and then compare your performance afterwards – and make adjustments so that you can challenge yourself on the next workout.

#2 Think of Fitness as a Lifestyle

CrossFit enthusiasts know that it isn’t just a fitness discipline but a wholistic lifestyle! This isn’t just a series of high-intensity exercise sessions that demands 30-60 minutes of your time, but a fitness discipline that demands focus on nutrition, rest and recovery, and lifestyle habits, too.

This is also true for effective fat loss. You shouldn’t just focus on the exercise aspect because your results will be less effective, perhaps even discourage you from further pursuing your fitness goals. You have to pay attention to your diet habits, stress management mechanism, and lifestyle habits, too, since these affect fat loss.

#3 Do Benchmark Workouts

If you can dive fully into CrossFit programs yet, then you can ease yourself into it via bodyweight benchmark workouts. These workouts focus more on cardio endurance and give a good idea of an individual’s base fitness level, thus, allowing for appropriate changes in fitness plans.

You should ask a CrossFit professional about benchmark workouts like Helen, Barbara, and Kelly. Beginners will benefit most from at least 2 CrossFit-style workouts on a weekly basis and then gradually progress to at least 4 workouts a week.

CrossFit is a demanding fitness discipline but it can also be adopted in its milder version for people still finding their way in the fitness world.

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