Get Back To Back Exercises Now!

Many gym-goers at Max Fitness focus too much on chest exercises and too little on back exercises. Such imbalance is understandable considering that the chest including the shoulders and arms are more easily noticed than the back. Many chest exercises also benefit the back muscles so these are more popular than back exercises.

But this shouldn’t be! The back shouldn’t be neglected in favor of the chest since it’s just as important for symmetry. Name the greatest bodybuilders like Dorian Grey and The Terminator and you will find that all of them have symmetry at the front and back.  

Here are more reasons for getting back to back exercises ASAP.  

Largest and Strongest Group

Actually, the muscles in the back are only the second largest and, thus, strongest muscle group in the body. The muscles in the legs are the most powerful where strength is concerned so it isn’t a surprise that bodybuilders like leg exercises.  

Just imagine if your back muscles aren’t developed to their fullest potential. You are, sadly, missing out on the opportunity to flaunt well-developed muscles in your back. You may appear muscled in front but your back isn’t making a similar impression – a shame, indeed, considering that your back muscles can be more impressive than your chest muscles.  

Whole Body Applications

Did you know that your lower back muscles are crucial in minimizing the risk and maximizing the benefits of nearly all types of upper body exercises? When your back muscles aren’t as strong as they should be, you are at an increased risk of injuries including slipped disc and illnesses like back pain.

The back muscles are also important for the safe and effective performance of squats and military presses. The stronger these muscles are, the better these exercises can be performed – and both are essential in muscle development in several parts of the body, too.  

For men, a V-shaped body is desirable; the body has wide shoulders and chest tapering to a small waist evoking the letter “V”. The performance of back exercises will contribute to the achievement of such as manly body shape, too.

Plus, well-developed back muscles contribute to better performance among athletes. You will find that you are able to throw farther, pull higher, and punch harder when your back muscles are larger and stronger.  

Yet another bonus to back exercises is the higher fat-burning rate your body experiences. This is due to two well-known facts among fitness experts: first, muscle burns higher levels of body fat; and second, the back muscles are among the largest muscle groups.

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