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Focus T25 is one of the most popular Beachbody programs today, and it’s developed by Shaun T, the same man who created the Insanity workout program as well as Asylum.

However, Focus T25 is different because the aim is not to work extremely hard but to work out smartly. But don’t make the mistake of thinking Focus T25 is easy, because you’ll still be exercising continuously for 25 minutes and nonstop.

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The Focus T25 in Detail

The goal of the program is to deliver the same effect as a 60 minute workout but in 25 minutes, and to achieve this, the program uses FIT (Fitness Interval Training). The basic premise of FIT is to keep working out a muscle group until it cannot handle any more. Once it is done with one muscle group you move on to the next and with no rest period at any point. The reason why there’s no rest period is the workout time has been cut in half, and adding rest periods defeats the purpose.

Focus T25 is divided into three phases, easing you into the program and building up your physique so you’ll be in a better position to handle the more rigorous workouts. The first two phases comprise the basic program while Phase 3 is purchased separately.

Phase 1 Alpha

Phase 1 lasts for 30 days and includes 5 sets of workouts. It’s an introductory phase and includes Total Body Circuit, Lower Focus, Speed 1.0, Ab Intervals and Cardio. The cardio workout is especially useful in removing fat and developing lean muscle mass, and while the pace starts slowly it builds to a crescendo. The Ab Intervals workout meanwhile, focuses on your core and concentrates solely on your midsection.

These workouts are not just for burning fat but also for building muscle along the lower and upper abs. The Speed 1.0 workout on the other hand, includes workouts for the lower body and cardio. As the name implies this portion of the program will develop your speed and agility, endurance and stamina. The Lower Focus workout focuses on your legs, buttocks and thighs, while the Total Body Circuit workout will set you up for the next phase, Phase 2, Beta.

Phase 2 Beta

Phase 2: Beta consists of 5 workouts and lasts for 30 days, but it is more physically challenging than Alpha as the emphasis is on core strength and cardio. Phase 2 is made up of the following workouts, Ripped Circuit, Upper Focus, Speed 2.0, Dynamic Core and Core Cardio.

The Core Cardio workout is the high intensity version of Alpha Cardio, and the moves are more complex and difficult. The Dynamic Core on the other hand, concentrates on the core muscles in your abs, and each one is targeted and worked rigorously. This workout set includes several complex moves, so don’t expect to do routine stuff like sit ups here.

Speed 2.0 is more challenging than its Alpha version, as the workout is divided into three rounds, and the routines performed three times each set. Some of the moves are quite complex and innovative, consisting of quick lunges, low kicks and cross jacks among others.

Another workout included in Phase 2 is Upper Focus, and the focus here is on your shoulder muscles, back and chest. Upper Focus starts with some cardio and proceeds to strength training, squat rows, push-ups and more. Finally, Ripped Circuit offers a full 25 minute workout for the body from head to toe. This is a very comprehensive workout and because it’s only 25 minutes long, very intense.

Phase 3 Gamma

The last part in the Focus T25 program is Phase 3 Gamma. The first step is completing the Extreme Circuit workout, which is divided into five minute sets. You have to do one exercise for one minute followed by the other four at a very fast pace, and during Extreme Circuit workouts, weights or bands may be used, depending on your strength.

Rip’T Up is done on day 2 of Phase 3 and places emphasis on your shoulders, triceps, and the upper body. You’ll also be doing several high intensity routines that strengthen your back and chest plus several combination moves. Speed 3.0 is an even faster and more frenetic version of Phase 2 Speed and involves running, jogging and jabbing one after the other.

The last program in Phase 3 is the Pyramid, and it is a complete strength and cardio program that starts with a warm up and goes up in a “pyramid” of increasingly intense exercises. This is a 25 minute workout consisting of cardio exercises, with the number of sets increasing round after round (there are ten). The Pyramid is one of the toughest workouts that Shaun T has developed, as it consists of hammer curls, upright rows, squats and more.

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