Burn Fats in Your Abs without Crunches

So, you want to burn your abdominal fats but cannot seem to start because of the conventional hard-to-perform crunches which you think are the only ways to do it. Banish the thought! There are now many ways you can lose the fats in your abs without doing those nasty crunches. Keep on reading to learn these new easy ways of burning abdominal fats.

Core Strengthening Sans Crunches

Core Strengthening Sans Crunches-GymMembershipFeesThe good news is that you can make your core stronger and flatten your abs without doing any crunches.  Have you read the recent review published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research?

This review suggested that full-body exercises such as squats are effective in activating some core muscles more than any other core exercises such as planks, crunches and similar workouts.

There is a set of full-body exercises that you can do in a Life Time Fitness gym or a Curves gym which will challenge your abdominal muscles much more than crunches. In these exercises, every movement you make will tighten your core and stabilize your body. These full-body exercises also double up as great fat burning tools that can flatten your abs more effectively than crunches. Here are some samples:

Bridge Opposite Arm-Leg Reach

  • Bridge Opposite Arm-Leg Reach-GymMembershipFeesLie down with your left knee bent and left foot flat on the floor. Let your right leg extend toward the ceiling. Try to reach the ceiling with your left arm while keeping your right arm down on your side.
  • Swing your raised leg to the right and your raised arm to the left, without moving your hips. Focus on your abs, and then return your raised arm and leg toward the center. Repeat 10 to 12 times then switch sides and repeat the same.

Single-arm Dumbbell Bench Press

Single-arm Dumbbell Bench Press-GymMembershipFeesLie back on a bench having your head, shoulders and butt on the bench with your legs bent and your feet on the floor. With one hand, hold a dumbbell and extend your arm towards the ceiling.

Lower the dumbbell down to the side of your chest and then bring up the dumbbell again. Repeat this movement around 12 to 15 times for each arm.

Dumbbell Z-Press

Dumbbell Z-Press-GymMembershipFeesHold a pair of dumbbells near your shoulders and then sit on the floor. Have both of your legs on the floor with each foot about 2 to 3 feet apart. Press the dumbbells up until your arms are straight. Return your arms to their starting position while maintaining the straightness of your torso all the time.

Donkey Kickbacks

Donkey Kickbacks-GymMembershipFeesKneel on the floor with toes tucked under and your back straight. Contract your abs and draw your stomach in while lifting both knees about 2 inches from the ground.

Bring your right knee near your nose while keeping your abs engaged and then kick your right leg straight back out squeezing your butt. Contract your lower abs and keep your hips facing the ground to protect your back.

Repeat the movements 8 times, then do it with your other leg and repeat 8 times as well.

Goblet Squat

Goblet Squat-GymMembershipFeesHold a dumbbell in each hand close to your body and at chest level. Stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips. Bend at your knees and hips to lower your butt down as low as you can go.

While in the lowest position, keep your elbows inside your knees. Raise your torso to the starting position. Repeat 8 times to 16 times.

Split Squat

Split Squat-GymMembershipFeesGo into a lunge position having both knees at 90° angles. Raise your body up by pressing through your heels and then return to your original position. Repeat 8 times, and then switch legs. Do 10 reps for each leg.

If you feel this is a bit easy, use a pair of dumbbells. Hold one on each hand and do the same movements and repetitions.

Combination of Dumbbell Z-Press and Split Squat

Combination of Dumbbell Z-Press and Split Squat-GymMembershipFeesYou can perform Dumbbell Z-Press and Split Squat back-to-back. Try to have as little rest as possible in between. Repeat the sets four times and rest for two minutes between each set.

Combination of Goblet Squat and Single-Arm Dumbbell Bench Press

Combination of Goblet Squat and Single-Arm Dumbbell Bench Press-GymMembershipFeesDo the Single-Arm Dumbbell Bench Press and Goblet Squat back-to-back. Try not to rest as you perform them. Repeat four times, allowing yourself 2 minute rests between each set.

Touch Plank

Touch Plank-GymMembershipFeesPut your body in a push-up position. While holding your body on the ‘up’ position, slowly raise your right arm and touch your left shoulder. Then return your right hand to its original position on the floor. Next, raise your left arm and touch your right shoulder and then bring back your left hand to the floor.

Then, raise your right arm again and touch your left thigh, and then bring back your right hand to the floor. Next, raise your left arm again and touch your right thigh, then return your left hand to the floor. Repeat these sets 8 times while keeping your back, hips and legs as stable as possible.

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