Cycling and Stationary Bike Comparison

The next time you are at Blink Fitness, take a look around and you’ll notice it has a lot of stationary exercise bikes. This is also true at other fitness clubs and that’s not surprising given their health benefits, but how effective is it compared to a regular bicycle?  

Body Impact

There are different types of stationary bikes and bicycles, but in general they’re both excellent for cardio workouts. They don’t put a lot of stress on your body so the risk of sustaining an injury is low.

Both options are great for health fitness buffs and also if you’re recovering from an injury.  Both are also relatively comfortable to use.

Calorie Burning Comparison

You’ll burn calories while on a bicycle, but a stationary bike is more effective because it works out more parts of your body. A stationary bike does a better job of pushing your upper and lower muscles.

Your posture on a stationary bike allows for greater engagement of your body. As you move your legs, your core muscles get a solid workout, fortifying your muscles and burning up calories at the same time. You get good results on a bicycle, but it’s not as good as what you’ll get on a stationary bike.

Strength Buildup

The advantage goes to the stationary bike again. Bicycles work out your legs but a stationary bike puts more muscles to work.

From your thighs, legs, buttocks, arms, core, upper body, you’ll build up more muscles and greater strength on an exercise bike.


Hands down the exercise bike wins here. As long as you’ve got gym membership you’ll be able to use the bike day or night, regardless of the weather. You cannot do with a bicycle, and that alone makes a big difference for a lot of people.


This is another area where exercise bikes win out. With the computerized programs built into them, you can simulate climbing uphill, downhill, adjust the resistance, speed, and so on. There is no lacking of ways to challenge yourself, and that makes a huge impact in your physical growth and development.


As good and healthy as a bicycle is, a stationary bike is superior as we have demonstrated. It is not only more convenient but you’ll get more benefits quickly and for the long term. If you can do both why not, but if it comes down to one the stationary bike wins.

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