Stationary Biking Can Take You Places, Fitness-wise 

Stationary bikes don’t look like much – these look like regular bikes with their handlebars, seat and frame. Many people may even think that these aren’t on the same level as regular bikes in terms of cardiovascular benefits. But this isn’t true!

Getting on a stationary bike and pedalling according to the fitness instructors’ directions at a Soul Cycle gym will take you places, fitness-wise. You don’t need to battle with the natural elements, so to speak, since the workouts are conducted indoors. You don’t even need to be in your best physical shape to enjoy stationary biking for as long as your doctor allows it.

Here are more things that you should know about stationary biking, from its health benefits to its safe performance as a workout.

Nearly Everybody Can Get on a Stationary Bike

Don’t know how to ride a bike or afraid to get on one? Don’t have the physical fitness to engage in intense cardio exercises like CrossFit or kickboxing? Don’t have strong joints, particularly the knees and hips, for high-impact exercises?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will find stationary biking at Soul Cycle as a great option. The stationary bike is a great choice for getting cardio workouts in your life without putting excessive strain on your joints. You will even find it as better choice to elliptical trainers and treadmills when you’re easing back into exercise after an illness or injury.

The bottom line: For as long as you can get on a bike, use its pedals and hold on the handlebars, then you’re good to go! You may even be missing a limb, such as an arm or a leg, and yet you can still enjoy the health benefits of biking workouts.

Number of Health Benefits

Stationary cycling is a low-impact exercise, a great benefit for people who have issues with their knees and/or hips. Since you’re sitting down while doing the exercises, your knees, ankles and hips aren’t subjected to jarring movements and stress. You will even find it best for addressing your chronic back pain since proper posture is emphasized.

The cycling movements also aids in keeping the knee joints stay lubricated so there’s less pain. These also increase the muscular strength of the quads that, in turn, can strengthen the muscles around the knees. The stronger the muscles are, the less likely the pain can be.

While stationary cycling seems like a tame activity in comparison with, say, CrossFit, it can be increased in intensity. Your cycling instructor will change the duration and intensity of the workout depending on the physical condition and aspirations of the class members. You will find that your heart beats faster, your muscles feel more energized and your body sweats more as if you’re in a CrossFit class.

Be careful about the height of your stationary bike since it has an impact, for the better or worse, on your body’s feeling after the cycling session. You should also discuss with the fitness instructor about the pace, resistance and speed of your bike before every session.

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