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Do you want to have an Adonis-like body? Then you should check out how Chris Hemsworth built his body in preparation for the role of Thor, the Norse god of thunder who’s also a Marvel superhero. This Chris Hemsworth workout will teach you how to have a ripped body.

Hemsworth didn’t have this type of body before taking on the role of Thor. In fact, before he became a movie star, he worked in a pharmacy. But when he was picked to play the role of Thor, he hit the gym with a former Navy SEAL officer who taught him an old-school approach to bodybuilding. In the end, he was able to pack 20 pounds of pure muscle.

What’s impressive is that both Hemsworth and his trainer say that the star didn’t use steroids to aid him in his bodybuilding efforts. He consumed a lot of red meat and some protein powder. But he was also lifting a lot of weights.

So how was he able to build such a body? Here is his secret:

Below is Chris Hemsworth routine:

Workout OptionsRepetition


Push Ups100
Pull Ups65-70
Dumbbell Rows48
Swiss Ball Hyperextension48


Barbell Bench Press60-65
Incline Bench Press48
Hammer Strength Chest Press48
Weighted Dip40


Back Squats (Barbell and a Squat Rack)40
Leg Press80
Walking Lunge80
Single Leg Curl60
Standing Calf Raise30


Military Press40
Arnold Press48
Barbell Shrug48
Dumbbell Lateral Raise45
Dumbbell Front Raise45
Dumbbell Rear Deltflye45


Barbell Biceps Curl30
Skull Crusher30
EZ Bar Preacher Curl30
Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension30
Dumbbell Hammer Curl36

Circuit Training

General Plankvaries
Side Plankvaries
Hanging Leg Raisevaries

Day 1- Back

Every Mondays, Hemsworth would concentrate on his back. He would either start with a push up or a pull up. For push-ups, he would have 20 reps every set. He would also do five sets of pull ups, with the first set starting at 20 reps then declining to 15, 12, and 10 for the last two sets.

He then does four sets of dumbbell rows with 12 repetitions and ends the work out with four sets of Swiss ball hyperextension.

Day 2- Chest

Chris Hemsworth workout - GymMembershipFeesOn the second day, Hemsworth would do exercises to build up his chest. He would start with eight sets of barbell bench press, starting with 12 repetitions on the first set. He then does 10 reps for the next two sets; 8 reps for the next two reps, and then six reps for sixth set. He ends the workout with four reps for the last two reps. After he’s done with the barbell bench press, he does four sets of incline bench press with 12 repetitions for each set.

He then does four sets of hammer strength chest press. He then ends the day with four sets of 10 repetitions of the weighted dip.

Day 3- Legs

On the third day, Hemsworth spends his energy doing exercises that work out his legs. Using a barbell and a squat rack, he does seven sets of back squats. The first set has 10 repetitions, with succeeding sets have lower repetitions of 8, 6, 5, 4, and 3 for the last two sets.

After taking a rest, he performs a set of leg press. He continues with four sets of walking lunge, with 20 repetitions per set. Then he does three sets of the single leg curl, with 20 repetitions for each set. He ends the workout with three sets of standing calf raise.

Day 4- Shoulders

Hemsworth spends his fourth day working out his shoulders. Military press is usually the first exercise that he does, with seven sets consisting of the following repetitions: 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 3.

For the second exercise, Hemsworth performs four sets of the Arnold press using dumbbells. After doing four sets of 12 repetitions of the said exercise, he proceeds to do the barbell shrug. He has to do four sets of 12 repetitions for this workout.

He continues with three sets of the dumbbell lateral raise, with each set having 15 reps. Next up is dumbbell front raise, with the same number of sets (3) and repetitions (15) as the preceding exercise. He ends the workout with three sets of 15 repetitions of dumbbell rear deltflye.

Day 5- Arms

On the fifth day of his workout, the focus goes to his arms. The first exercise for arms workout is the barbell biceps curl, with three sets of 10 repetitions. After a brief rest, he does the skull crusher with three sets and 10 reps.

The next workout is the EZ bar preacher curl, which he has to do 10 repetitions for three sets. He continues the workout with the dumbbell lying triceps extension using dumbbells and a bench. He must do three sets of 10 repetitions of this exercise before proceeding to the next workout.

The workouts continue with three sets of dumbbell hammer curl, with each set having 12 reps. Other exercises that can strengthen your arms are rope press down, barbell wrist curl, and barbell reverse wrist curl.

Day 6- Circuit Training

On the sixth day of his workout, Hemsworth would do circuit training. Some of the exercises he performed while preparing for his role as Thor were general plank, side plank, and hanging leg raise.

This is the Chris Hemsworth workout that helped the Australia-born actor develop the right type of body for his role as the Norse God of Thunder.