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While he also appeared as another superhero in the movie “Fantastic Four,” there’s no denying that Chris Evans made a name for himself worldwide when he took on the iconic role of Captain America in the 2011 movie “Captain America: The First Avenger.” In preparation for that role, he followed the Chris Evans workout that had helped him gain more than 20 pounds of pure muscle for the role.

It was quite a challenge for Evans, who weighed just 180 pounds before he took on the role of Steve Rogers. He also lost around 5 percent of body fat after working out and maintaining a strict diet in preparation for the role.

Do you want to have a body like Chris Evans? You may never be Captain America, but you’ll surely have a body to die for if you follow the Chris Evans training program.

This workout runs for six days a week, with Sunday as the only rest day. It makes use of a split routine exercise plan, wherein he would train one part of the body every day. This strategy allowed him to have enough time to repeat the exercises, without straining or over exercising any muscle.

Below is Chris Evans workout routine:

Workout OptionsRepetition

Shoulders and Chest

Seated Military Press Machine45
Dumbbell Lateral Raise18-24
Four-Way Neck Lift40
Rear Delt Cable Raise45-50
Hammer Strength Hug45-50
Cable Cross Over40
Inclined Dumbbell Press and Dumbbell Bench Press50

Arms and Legs

Leg Press65-80
Lunges (Smith Machine)48
Lying Leg Curl30-40
Standing Calf Raise70-75
Alternating Dumbbell Curls60
Preacher Machine Curl75-80
Cable Triceps Extension56-60
Overhead Cable Extension50
One-Arm Reverse Grip Tricep Extension20
Wide Grip Lateral Pull Down56-60
One Arm Seated Row40
Back Extension54

Shoulders and Chest

Evans dedicated Mondays for working out his shoulders, while he trained on Tuesdays to particularly build up his chest.

He starts his shoulders work out with the seated military press machine, where he would do three sets of 15 repetitions. Once he’s done with the said exercise, he rests shortly before doing dumbbell lateral raise of six to eight repetitions and three sets.

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He then proceeds with four sets of four-way neck lift exercise with 10 repetitions for each set. Evans would then do rear delt cable raise of five sets. He’d start his first set with 12 repetitions, then lowering the reps to 10, 8, 6, and four. He finishes the day with five sets of the hammer strength hug.

To build a bigger chest, Evans would do four sets of 10 repetitions of cable cross over. He then performs five sets of inclined dumbbell press and dumbbell bench press. He ends his Tuesdays with four sets of push-ups.

Arms and Legs

Wednesdays are dedicated to working out the legs. Evans begins his day with four sets of leg press, with the first set at 25 repetitions. His second set is reduced to 20 repetitions, while the third set is only 18 repetitions. The last set is a drop set consisting of 16 repetitions.

He then goes to the Smith Machine to do lunges of four sets with eight repetitions per leg. He continues the work out with four sets of lying leg curl, with repetitions at 12, 10, 8, and six. He then finishes the day with six sets of standing calf raise, with 12 repetitions per set.

In working out the arms, Evans would spend his Thursdays doing exercises like alternating dumbbell curls. He does five set of this exercise, starting with 12 repetitions. The repetitions would be reduced by 2 every set, so that the fifth and last set would only have four repetitions. He then follows up the exercise with six sets of the preacher machine curl, with repetitions of 12, 10, 8, 6, and 21 each for the last two sets.

Even continues with five sets of cable triceps extension starting with 12 sets. He reduces the repetitions by two in the next three sets before increasing it to 20 in the last set. Next exercise is the overhead cable extension, with Evans doing four sets of 12, 10, 8, and 20 reps. He ends the day with two sets of one-arm reverse grip tricep extension with 10 reps each set.

Fridays are spent to strengthen his back, with Evans starting with five sets of wide grip lateral pull down. Like in other exercises, he starts with 12 repetitions in the first set and then cutting down by 2 the repetitions in the succeeding sets. By the fifth set, the repetitions are down to four. He continues this formula in the succeeding exercise, the close grip lateral pull down.

After the said exercise, he does four sets of the one arm seated row with 10 repetitions. He ends the workout with four sets of back extension, with 15 repetitions for the first two sets and 12 reps for the last two sets.

Evans would then work out every Saturdays to improve his core muscles and cardiovascular endurance. Sundays are for rest.

Aside from his workouts, Evans was able to bulk up because of his strict diet. He ate a lot of nuts and foods rich in protein. For his pre-workout snacks, he consumed apples and almonds, then frequently had whey protein shake after working out.

So are you ready to bulk up like Chris Evans? You can have his body if you follow this Chris Evans workout.

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