Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout

Ever wondered how an Arnold Schwarzenegger workout looks like?

Before he became a Hollywood superstar and governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a professional bodybuilder.

Below is Arnold Schwarzenegger workout routine:

Workout OptionsRepetition

Golden Six

Barbell Squat10
Wide Grip Barbell Bench Press30
Chin Up30
Behind the Neck Overhead Press40
Barbell Curl30
Bent Knee Sit Up30-40

Chest Workout

Barbell Bench Press30-45
Incline Barbell Press15
T-Bar Rows10-12
Flat Dumbbell Flyes12-15
Parallel Bar Dips50-60

Leg Workout

Leg Extension Superset With Barbell Squat80-100
Leg Press75
Hack Squat30

He started weight training at the tender age of 15 years old, and won the Mr. Universe title at age 20. He also triumphed in the Mr. Olympia contest seven times. He remains a very revered personality in the bodybuilding world, having written numerous books and articles on the sport.

Do you want to have a body like what a young Schwarzenegger had in his heyday? Then you should follow the following workout routines that Schwarzenegger used to do back in the day.

Golden Six

The Golden Six was a workout routine that Schwarzenegger religiously followed when he was just a neophyte in bodybuilding. According to him, it helped him bulk up as a young teenager in Munich. This is also the same training program that he used to prescribe to his clients back in the day who were looking to bulk up. In fact, he claims that ex-Mr. World Paul Grant had followed this same workout programme to gain nearly 70 pounds of muscles in less than a year.

The Golden Six is based on six exercises—barbell squat, wide grip barbell bench press, chin up, behind the neck overhead press, bent knee sit up, and barbell curl.

To do this routine, start with barbell squat of 10 repetitions. Follow this with three sets of wide grip barbell bench press of 10 repetitions, then three sets of chin up. Continue with behind the neck overhead press of 10 repetitions and four sets, and barbell curl of 10 repetitions and three set. End the workout with bent knee sit up of three to four sets and maximum repetitions.

Rest should be no more than 90 seconds and two minutes between the barbell squats.

This workout is ideal not only for bodybuilders looking to bulk up but also for beginners. Schwarzenegger recommends performing this routine three times a week on a three month cycle.

Chest Workout

Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout-GymMembershipFeesIf you’ve seen old photos of a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, you would know that he had a massive chest. His chest measured 58 inches in his prime, and many people consider it the biggest chest in the world at that time.

In building that massive chest, Schwarzenegger relied on one of his favorite exercises, barbell bench presses. He often used it to warm up, starting with 135 pounds for 30 to 40 repetitions before going for a quick chin up of 15 repetitions. He would then go back to the bench and pumping 20 more barbell bench presses. After a second set of chins, he would increase the barbell’s weight to 275 pounds, doing 15 more repetitions then jumping back to do chin ups again.

His second exercise for the chest is the incline barbell presses. He would usually jump into lifting 225 pounds for 15 repetitions, then alternating each set with T-bar rows. He would then add 20 pounds to the weight of the barbells, doing repetitions of 10-12.

He would then proceed to the next exercise, flat dumbbell flyes, involving 65 pound- dumbbells for 15 repetitions. The weight would be increased to 75 pounds for 12 repetitions then three sets of 10 repetitions with 85 pound dumbbells.

After that exercise, Schwarzenegger would do parallel bar dips. He would start with an 80 pound dumbbell strapped to his waist, then lower his body up to a point wherein his hands were almost touching his armpits. He would then slowly lift his body up. He’d do this 14 more times. His parallel bar dips would run for 4-5 sets.

Leg Workout

In working out the legs, Schwarzenegger would perform the following exercises—leg extension superset with barbell squat, leg press, and hack squat. He would start with 15-20 repetitions of leg extension superset with barbell squat for 5-6 sets. He would then decrease the repetitions to 15 of the same exercise with 5-6 sets.

For leg press, Schwarzenegger would perform five sets of 15 repetitions. He then ends his leg workout with four sets of hack squat with 30 repetitions.

Training Tips

Schwarzenegger was a hard worker in the gym, and he valued the time he spent working out. As such, he was known for his supersets, or doing two exercises with no rest in between. According to him, supersets was able to help him in building his massive arms.

He would also ‘shock’ his arms by doing tricks like switching up the weight amounts, adding repetitions and sets, reducing rest in between sets, and performing unfamiliar or new exercises.

Schwarzenegger was also known for being a stickler for form.

By following the Arnold Schwarzenegger workout, you could build a massive chest, train your legs, or work out your entire body the same way that Mr. Terminator did back in his heydays.