Anytime Fitness vs Workout Anytime

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Anytime Fitness is one of the best known fitness clubs in the US, and many consider its features and benefits as standard. But what about Workout Anytime? It’s being touted as an alternative to more expensive gyms but how does it stack up compared to Anytime?

Anytime Fitness


Anytime has more than 2400 locations around the world, with over 1900 in the US. So if you’re looking for an Anytime Fitness Club there’s bound to be one near you. Each club is open 24/7 so you can work out when it’s convenient to you.

Membership Fees and Benefits

Anytime offers monthly and yearly memberships. Fees may vary depending on location, but on the average it is $38 a month or $407 a year for an adult. However, there are many types of membership options and discounts available.

All members can avail of cardio and strength training equipment as well as a personal trainer. You can choose from a number of different workout programs whether you’re new to workouts or have been doing it for years.

Aside from offering top of the line gym machines, members can join classes for yoga, Zumba, belly dancing and other programs for body sculpting. If you want to focus on weight loss there are cardio burning programs available.

A lot of Anytime Fitness programs also offer 24 hour tanning and other amenities. Accommodations vary per site, but all offer personalized training. All of their programs also offer fitness and power classes if you want to emphasize strength.

Since their clubs are always open you’ll be able to work out when you have the time. Members also have access to other clubs so if you pay for a club in LA you’ll have access to Anytime in New York and elsewhere.

Workout Anytime


Workout Anytime has several locations in the United States and new ones are being added. Their website also makes it easy to find a location near you and all their clubs have parking for your convenience. The facilities are open 24/7 so you can work out when it’s good for you.

Membership Fees and Benefits

Monthly and yearly membership are available. Monthly payment is $15 for basic and $25 foo for premium. The annual fee is $199 and $299 for premium.

The equipment is supplied by Matrix Fitness, one of the top manufacturers of gym gear in the world. Workout equipment are ergonomic, durable and made to last. Each equipment has also been thoroughly tested to ensure your muscles are properly worked out.

Workout Anytime includes self spotting benches, Ab Coasters and the Perfect Squat. The club does not have fancy equipment but all have been with emphasis on quality.  Whether you need to work out your abs, build muscles, fine tune your glutes or hips,  Workout Anytime has the equipment for it.

All of their clubs have anti-microbial, polypropylene flooring. Each one is well maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. Workout Anytime also offers personal coaches, indoor tanning, massage and reACT technology to work out your knees and lower back.

The workout programs available at Workout Anytime build up muscles, improve balance and increase core strength. They also offer classes for body and muscle toning.  All those who sign up also receive a free Success Session workout with a personal coach.


Workout Anytime is the more affordable fitness club, but Anytime offers more benefits, classes and workout programs. Anytime Fitness also has more locations to choose from. If you’re after a simple workout program, Workout Anytime will do, but if you prefer more comprehensive approach, Anytime is better.