Anytime Fitness vs Lifetime Fitness

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Which gym is better for you: Anytime Fitness or Lifetime Fitness? These are both high quality gym chains, with excellent equipment and programs. They’re both open 24/7.

One main difference, however, is that Life Time Fitness offers family training services and they even have a child care center for infants to kids up to 11 years old.

It’s up to you to decide whether the expenses are worth the availability of the extra services from Life Time. To put things in better perspective, here’s a quick look on what you can expect to pay for each gym:

Anytime Fitness

For individuals, there’s a $50 initiation fee and a $35 one-time key fee. After that, the monthly fee is $39 a month. A couple can join together and pay a $100 initiation fee, with a one-time key fee of $35 also. The monthly fee for the two people totals $60.

Individuals and couples pay the same amount for the initiation fees ($50) and the one-time key fee ($35) if they get a yearly membership. An individual pays $408 a year, which translates to $34 a month. A couple pays $660, which is $55 a month.

It’s true that in some clubs the prices may be different. However, if you pay less when joining one club in one state, you can still get into another Anytime Fitness club in another state and enjoy the same privileges even if their fees are higher.

Life Time Fitness

They only offer monthly memberships here, but they have pay schemes for children. For One-club access, the first person pays a $49 initiation fee, and monthly fee of $69. If they enter a second person, then there’s no initiation fee and the monthly fee for tat person is just $50. For kids, there’s also no initiation fee and the monthly fee is only $20.

What if you tend to travel all over the country for your work? It may make sense to get a monthly membership with an All-Club access. This will require a $49 initiation fee, while the membership fee jumps to $79.

Here there are literally hundreds of exercise machines, so it’s very unlikely that you will have to wait for a particular piece of gym equipment to be available. They also have a child care center that caters to little kids and even 3-month old infants, and these places have sandboxes, playgrounds, and plenty of toys.