Anytime Fitness vs YMCA

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Anytime Fitness is considered as one of the premier fitness clubs in the US and the world, while YMCA combines physical fitness with Christian principles.  Both fitness clubs are well known but which one offers more value for your money? We take a close look at each one.


Anytime Fitness has over 1900 locations in the country, and more than 470 in the world. Each club is world class with top of the line equipment. Members have access to the clubs 24/7, and your membership key works for the other clubs as well.

Membership Fees and Benefits

Anytime membership fees vary from location to location, but all offer monthly and yearly membership options. The typical monthly fee is $38 to $39, not including the one time key and initiation fee.

The yearly membership for one adult is approximately $400, but discounts are available especially for two adults.

All Anytime Fitness clubs come with treadmills, elliptical machines, rowing machines,  barbells, kettlebells and all the essential strength and cardio training equipment. All members are provided personal coaches and health evaluations.

Each club offers a multitude of fitness classes to meet your needs. Want to develop focus and flexibility? Try their yoga class. There are also classes for Zumba, cardio, fat burning and more.

All the members of Anytime have access to the latest exercise bikes, free weights, cable crossovers and treadmills. Their personal trainers include classes for cardio, body conditioning, spinning cycles and so on.

All the Anytime clubs have 24/7 security as well as private restrooms and showers. All the facilities are situated so parking is more convenient. You also have access to customized training.

The features, amenities and accommodations vary, but all maintain a high level of quality, well maintained and clean. Each club is tightly secured, with the maintenance crew ensuring the equipment and amenities are clean.



There are more than 2700 YMCA locations in the US. There are over 120 YMCA associations with millions of members so finding one near you won’t be an issue.

Membership Fees and Benefits

YMCA membership fees vary according to the location and the type of membership you choose.  For 2 adults it is usually $64 a month while for a single adult it is $29 for 19-29 years old and $39 for adults 30 and older. The fees are lower for youths. Keep in mind that some YMCA locations don’t have annual membership fees.

All YMCA locations have state of the art facilities. Members get access to plenty of stretching space, free weights and other exercise machines. All of their gear are ergonomic, durable and designed for users of different skill levels. This allows you to train at your own pace.

The YMCA offers more than a 100 group fitness classes that cover a wide range of workouts including yoga, boot camp, pilates, HIIT, kickboxing and Zumba. These classes are provided along with your membership.

While the amenities in YMCA clubs are not always the same, most of them have walking tracks and pools. The majority of YMCA clubs have outdoor pools, dedicated lap lanes and so on. Their facilities include equipment for athletes and novices alike.

Are you a parent and worried about leaving your kid at home? No worries as the YMCA facility offers child care. This means you can focus on just working out knowing your kid is safe.


Anytime Fitness and YMCA are both exceptional and offer benefits. YMCA is more affordable but Anytime offers more equipment and classes. YMCA does offer child care and other extras, but Anytime has amenities too. Bottom line is you won’t be disappointed with either one.