Alternative Ways to Measure Your Fitness Progress

Alternative Ways to Measure Your Fitness Progress

Have you been working out for weeks at Chuze Fitness but your weight on the scale remains the same? This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not effective. There are numerous ways to gauge your physical health and track your fitness journey that don’t rely solely on aesthetics or the numbers on a scale, including:

Increasing Strength

Tracking your strength gains is an effective way to measure your fitness progress. By following a structured strength training program, you can easily record your lifting weights and reps. Keep a journal of your workouts, noting your starting point, and witness the gradual increase in strength as you follow your chosen fitness regimen.

Even without access to a gym or weights, there are apps that offer bodyweight training programs that allow you to track progress by monitoring the number of reps completed for each exercise.

Improving Exercise Performance

Enhancements in exercise performance indicate progress in your fitness journey. Apart from strength gains, several other parameters can be used to track your performance such as:

  1. Endurance – Track improvements in the duration and distance of your cardio activities, such as running or swimming. Apps like Nike Run Club and Strava offer detailed breakdowns of your exercise sessions and provide notifications when you’ve shown improvement.
  2. Speed – If you engage in running, cycling, swimming, or similar sports, monitor your average speed or reduced completion times to measure your progress.
  3. Power – If you do HIIT or plyometric exercises, an increase in power during explosive movements signifies improved performance. Utilize the Exercise Timer app to create interval workouts and monitor your progress in power-based movements.
  4. Smartphone – native fitness-tracking apps, like Apple Health, automatically collect and analyze fitness data. Plus, a wide range of activity tracker apps and wearable devices are available to provide performance insights, including heart rate monitoring and activity level tracking.

Setting Personal Bests (PBs)

Another effective way to measure fitness progress is by setting and achieving personal bests in specific exercises or activities. Free apps like Personal Best – Record Tracker allow you to record and track your best efforts in weight training, running, swimming, and more. Simply create an account within the app, select your activity, add relevant details, and save your personal bests.

Improved Energy, Confidence, and Mood

Enhancements in energy levels, confidence, and mood are equally important indicators. To track these factors alongside your fitness journey, consider using a wellness app like Bearable. This highly customizable app allows you to log and journal your feelings, energy levels, and other relevant information, enabling you to identify patterns and correlations between movement and mood.

Enhanced Sleep Quality

Exercise can have a positive impact on sleep quality. Engaging in regular exercise and choosing activities you enjoy can potentially improve your sleep. However, it’s essential to avoid overtraining, as it can lead to sleep disturbances. Monitoring your sleep quality is an effective way to track your fitness progress. By observing any changes in sleep patterns, you can assess the effectiveness of your fitness program and make adjustments accordingly. Setting sleep goals within the app can help ensure you prioritize rest and recovery, crucial for overall exercise performance.

Journaling Your Progress

Keeping an exercise journal is a simple yet powerful method of tracking fitness progress. With an exercise journal, you can customize the metrics you wish to monitor to assess your progress accurately. Notion, a versatile productivity and note-taking web app, offers convenient options for tracking fitness goals and progress. By consistently recording your progress, you can easily monitor your fitness journey and celebrate each milestone along the way. Learn how to track your progress here:

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