A Run for Your Money: How to Reduce Costs of Jogging Gear

So, you’re looking to take up jogging, or you already partake in plenty of running activity? And you require some new running gear, but are on a tight budget? Having the right gear when running can help improve comfort and even performance when exercising. However, many brands provide some nifty gear, but at huge prices. 

But you don’t need the most expensive clothing accessories to make the most of your running. Let’s look at a few ways you can reduce the costs of your jogging gear.

Invest in used or second-hand equipment

If you’re after anything, and you are restricted to a budget, buying second hand is always a viable option for reducing your spend. However, when it comes to jogging gear, you might be a bit wary of buying items like sweatbands, t-shirts, and sports bras that – although can be washed! – will have been worn, and collected plenty of sweat throughout their time.

That said, running gear can be cleaned easily, and shoes can last for years. In particular, used equipment is a great purchase. Running equipment can be pricey and sometimes even hard to find in some stores if you’re after something specific. You could consider anything from used treadmills and running machines to second-hand gloves

Avoid fancy and premium labelled running gear.

Top running and sportswear brands like Nike and Under Armour offer both affordable and costly gear with many different price options.

For example, some shoes have ‘more advanced’ soles, and some clothing offer better features, like breathability – or at least – so they say. Many brands even provide tech gear which, again, tends to be very pricey.

However, these fancy clothes and accessories are often more of a fashion thing, used instead as athleisure wear.  In some cases, it might also be a sales tactic, tricking buyers into thinking they are getting a better-quality item for a larger price – which, most of the time, they are. 

But there is certainly not much – if any! – difference in wearing a basic running top, to a branded running top. Opt for cheaper options and you reduce jogging gear costs while still being able to purchase from your favourite brands.

Purchase your gear at the right time 

Running gear is popular all year round as running can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Running does tend to get more popular in the hotter seasons, or at the start of the year when people set out their New Year’s fitness resolutions. But with all other retail items and products, buying at times like Black Friday in November or Christmas and Summer sales could well be the best time to grab a bargain. Just don’t rush into buying your jogging gear, and always consider sale items to ultimately reduce the costs of buying.

Bulk buy or buy at once

Many retailers offer bundles and bulk deals on sports gear, such as 2 t-shirts for £20 rather than £12 each, or even t-shirt and shorts bundle deals. If you see these deals in store or online, consider buying items through these deals if it’s going to be cheaper than buying individually from multiple retailers. 

And there you have it – just a few simple ways that you can reduce the cost of your jogging gear and continue your fitness journey on a budget. 

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