Best Water Bottles for Exercising

If you exercise regularly at your local Goodlife Fitness gym, we probably don’t have to expound on the importance of proper hydration. Everyone needs enough water during the day, and that’s especially true when you work out. And as you need to drink water during your exercise breaks, you need the proper water bottle.

Workout water bottles aren’t all the same, and you need to focus on certain factors to get the one you need. It has to be well-made, of course, and you don’t want one that has a loose lid.

It shouldn’t be too heavy, especially if you’re carrying it during long runs. But you need a water bottle that’s also large enough to carry the amount of water you need.

Looks aren’t really all that important, but it’s nice if it isn’t too ugly.

With these factors in mind, here are some water bottles you ought to look at:

Hydro Flask Standard-Mouth Water Bottle

  • Insulated stainless steel
  • Detached screw top with 2 mouth holes
  • Sizes range from 18 to 40 ounces

With so many sizes available, you can the right size that can carry just that amount of water you need to replenish yourself during your workout. That means it won’t be too big and heavy, but you also don’t lack for water.

Then it has 2 mouth holes, which is great depending on the situation. You can drink from the smaller hole when you’re moving a lot, and you won’t spill the water on yourself. But if you’re taking a bit of rest, then the bigger mouth hole gets you water more quickly.

With the insulated stainless steel, your ice water stays cold for a longer time. That’s great for longer runs. And who wants to drink lukewarm water when you can go with cold water instead?

Nalgene Wide Mouth Ultralite Bottle

  • Plastic
  • Attached screw top
  • Sizes range from 16 to 48 ounces

This is for you if you’re looking mainly for a lightweight water bottle. In fact, this water bottle became popular first among the hikers back in the 1970s. It remains a cult favorite among today’s mountain climbers. But plenty of regular folks also love it, since you can drink from the large 48-ounce bottle for the entire day. That means you can be really sure you’re getting your 8 glasses of water a day.

This is made from tough HDPE plastic, which explains the low weight. It’s still tough enough that it just won’t break regardless of how often you drop it.

Also, the water never tastes like plastic no matter how many times you refill the water bottle. The lid doesn’t leak, either, so you can safely stow it into your backpack.

Yeti Rambler Jr. Kids Bottle

  • Insulated stainless steel
  • Straw cap
  • 12 ounces

If you’re getting a water bottle for your kids, consider this particular water bottle. Kids can be rather careless with their stuff, but they won’t be able to make even the slightest dent on these robust kids’ bottle. The steel used to make this is quite thick, which is why it’s extremely drop-resistant.

At 12 ounces, the size is easier for kids to manage, plus it’s not too heavy at all. The design also features a handle for the kids to grip.

It’s easier to clean as well, since both the bottle and the lid are dishwasher-safe.

Nathan QuickSqueeze Insulated Handheld Water Bottle

  • Insulated plastic
  • Push/pull lid
  • 12 or 18 ounces

If you’re into running, consider this lightweight water bottle. It’s particularly great for long runs. It comes with an extremely comfortable attached strap that you secure around your hand, and it even comes with a zip pocket for your credit cards and keys. It even has an elastic pocket that fits your smartphone nicely.

To drink from this, you just lift your hand up to your face. Bite down around the top to open the lid, then squeeze the bottle to get your water into your mouth. Put your hand back down to close it, and you can still keep on running.

Specialized The Purist

  • Insulated plastic
  • Watergate cap
  • 22 ounces

Get this if you’re into cycling outdoors. In fact, many in the cycling community consider this the default water bottle, though you’ll find plenty of customized versions. The design is specifically for drinking water while you’re cycling. It’s easy to open and drink from.

Despite the plastic build, this is a tough water bottle that won’t deform quickly. Also, the plastic doesn’t leech out to affect the taste. It’s just like drinking from a regular glass.

Pick one of these water bottles for your needs, and don’t forget to hydrate while you’re working out!

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