7 Best Portable Exercise Equipment You Can Own

7 Best Portable Exercise Equipment You Can Own

Are you in search of exercise equipment that you can easily store in a bag and bring with you on your trips? Resistance bands, jump ropes, stability balls and pull-up bars are much smaller than comparable fitness machines, allowing you to get a good workout just about anywhere. You can even place it in your gym bag when you go to Anytime Fitness. Here are our recommendations for portable exercise equipment you may want to consider:

TRX All-In-One Suspension Training Fitness System

  • Pros
    • Lightweight
    • Can anchor to doors, trees, posts and beams
    • Includes a travel pouch
    • Access to virtual fitness classes
  • Cons
    • Straps need to be properly secured
    • May have some minor quality issues

The TRX All-in-One Suspension Training Fitness System lets you have a full body workout in an incredibly space-efficient way. You get 5 items in this set – a door anchor, a suspension training strap, suspension anchor, a workout guide, and a small travel pouch you to store the equipment.

This product is very lightweight at only 1.7 lbs. which means you can bring it with you just about anywhere. Its foundation is the suspension training strap, which comes with built-in handles that you can use as grips or foot cradles. The strap’s center has TRX’s patented locking loop, so it won’t slip mid-workout.

Black Mountain Resistance Band Set

  • Pros
    • Lightweight
    • Includes ankle straps and handles
    • Includes a travel pouch
  • Cons
    • Includes a lot of different pieces
    • Pieces may snap or fray over time

You get 5 resistance bands with this Black Mountain set comes each one with a different resistance level ranging from 2 – 30 lbs. The max is 30 pounds but you can layer them if you want more challenge, allowing you to reach up to 75 pounds of resistance.

Each band has two ankle straps and two soft-grip handles. Each band also has built-in metal clips to enable you to swap out the handles and straps.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

  • Pros
    • Easy to install
    • Easy to remove
    • Doesn’t require screws or nails
    • Can support weights of up to 300 lbs.
  • Cons
    • Bulky design
    • Grips may eventually slip off

Iron Gym’s Workout Bar is 3 feet x 1 foot x 1 foot and this pull up bar definitely will not take a lot of space in your office or home. You can simply place it in any door way and you’re all set.

A lot of pull-up bars need to be screwed but not this one. The Iron Gym’s Workout Bar uses safety brackets and leverage to secure the equipment. It’s very easy to set up and the heavy-duty steel bar is definitely durable and can handle up to 300 pounds of weight.

Perfect Fitness Push-Up Handles

  • Pros
    • Lightweight
    • Has non-slip bases
    • Easy grip
  • Cons
    • May crack over time

You can definitely perfect your form doing pushups with the Perfect Fitness’s Push-Up Handles. The handles see to it that you’ll be able to work all the muscle groups so you can get the most out of your push-ups. It also helps prevent joint strain. It comes with 2 push-up handles which are equipped with rubber grips. They also have non-slip bases.

Black Mountain Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball

  • Pros
    • Deflates fast
    • Supports up to 2,000 pounds
    • You can choose from 5 sizes
    • There are multiple color options
  • Cons
    • May burst
    • May have minor quality issues

This static stability ball from Black Mountain is a professional-grade product that can up the ante on your planks, crunches, and other ab exercises, as well as stretching and balancing workouts. Because it can handle weight of as much as 2,000 pounds you can easily add free weights if you want to add more challenge to your routine. You get a ball pump and brochure with your purchase, and you also have the option to choose from 5 different sizes.

Empower Ankle and Wrist Weights

  • Pros
    • Adjustable
    • Material is stretchy neoprene
    • Can be worn on ankles and wrists
  • Cons
    • May be a bit heavy
    • Iron weight bars can be slightly uncomfortable

Ankle weights help you build strength during cardio workouts or when doing everyday chores. Empower’s Ankle and Wrist Weights set comes with two adjustable bands (weighing 0.5 pound each) that you can place around your ankles or wrists.

This set also comes with eight 0.5 lb cast iron bars which you can slip into built-in pockets on the bands, allowing you to increase the weight you’re carrying.

BodyBoss 2.0 Full Portable Home Gym

  • Pros
    • You get several equipment in one
    • Very portable
    • Free workout program
  • Cons
    • Plenty of pieces to keep track of

The BodyBoss 2.0 Full Portable Home Gym is consist of 9 pieces including a resistance bar, fold-up base, 2 resistance bands, two grip handles, 2 ankle straps, and 1 anchor for the door.

You can use it as a substitute for a bench press, squat rack, free weights and punching bag – so you basically get a home gym in one package. After use, you can fold it up and store easily. The total weight is 16 pounds though so it’s not very lightweight. It’s still portable though and the built-in handles are definitely a plus.

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