5 Ways of Staying Healthy when you have an irregular work schedule

It’s really hard to stay healthy especially if you have an erratic schedule. Maybe you’re a programmer who receives various assignments that requires you to sleep irregularly, perhaps you work at the emergency department and receive calls in the middle of the night. Whatever your job or lifestyle maybe there is always room for exercise and other healthy habits in your life.

Here are some tips and tricks on staying healthy when you have an irregular schedule.

1) Get enough sleep

Sleep is very important in keeping your body healthy. Sleep is not only important to the body but to the mind as well.  Studies have shown that lack of sleep increases stress and anxiety, so if you want to have clear mind and rested body, then get some sleep.

If for some reason you can only sleep 4-6 hours a day, then we highly recommend you improve the quality of your sleep. You can improve the quality of your sleep by sleeping in a dark room, by not using the computer or smartphone before sleeping, meditating before sleeping and other various sleep enhancing techniques.   

2) Exercise when you’re full of energy

The best way to start your workout routine is by exercising a few minutes after waking up. It’s hard to find gyms open at night but there 24/7 gyms out there if you know where to look.

3) Adjust your workouts based on the quality of your sleep

Don’t push yourself to complete a workout routine if you’re sleepy or drowsy. It’s advisable that you take lighter loads or lower reps when you are suffering from lack of sleep. You may not have improved but at least you’ve managed to exercise a little.

4) Have a healthy diet

Having an irregular schedule can cause a lot of stress and most people are prone to stress eating. It may feel good to enjoy eating a whole gallon of ice cream but its effects are only temporary.  So instead of stress eating why not try exercising when angry or stressed out, at least you’ll be losing calories in the process rather than gaining them.

Make sure that you also eat a balanced diet. Meat and protein is good but you still need to eat some fruits and veggies as well.

5) Avoid vices

Don’t smoke or drink alcohol when your body is already pushed to its limits. This is similar to stress eating on where you feel instantaneous pleasure but you’ll be regretting this decision in the long run. Just don’t do it.

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