5 Effective Exercises to Blast Back Fat: A Step-by-Step Guide

5 Effective Exercises to Blast Back Fat: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about the bulging back fat that shows up when you wear a tight shirt or dress, you’re not alone. Back fat can be stubborn and frustrating. But you can get rid of it with these exercises:

Rowing Machine

Start your workout with a five-minute warm-up on the rowing machine. Rowing is an excellent exercise for targeting the back muscles, which will help get rid of bra fat bulge. It also burns calories and warms up other muscle groups in your body.

To perform this exercise, strap in your feet and grip the handle. Straighten your legs, but don’t lock out your knees. With your back flat and your core engaged, lean back slightly as you row the handle to the bottom of your chest. Do this exercise for 5 minutes.

Lats Pulldown

The lats pulldown is a strength training exercise that targets the latissimus dorsi muscles in your back. This exercise helps to improve posture and tone the muscles in your upper back.

To perform this exercise, sit on the seat of the pulldown machine and adjust so your quads sit comfortably under. Grasp the bar and keep the back straight, as you pull the bar down to about chin level or a little lower. Keep your wrists neutral the entire time without swaying your body. Slowly return the bar to full height and repeat the exercise.

Plank Row With Cable Machine

The plank row with cable machine is an effective exercise for targeting the muscles in your back and core. It also helps to improve your overall stability and balance.

To do this exercise, set up one side of the cable machine at a low height setting and then your elbows on the ground in forearm plank position. Your body needs to be in a straight line with legs wide apart.

You should be positioned about 2 inches away from the cable machine, so that when you grab the handle and your arm is outstretched, the weight stack doesn’t rest—that way, there’s resistance through the entire movement.

Concentrate on keeping your elbow tucked in close to your body as you row your arm back and maintain your spinal alignment.

Aim for 12 to 15 reps on each side. Rest, and then do two to three sets.

TRX Rear Delt Fly

The TRX rear delt fly targets the smaller muscles in your rear delts, which are important for strong, healthy shoulders. This exercise also helps to tone the muscles in your upper back, giving you a more defined and toned appearance.

To perform this exercise, grab the TRX straps and take a few steps backward. You can keep your feet slightly spread apart for support. Lean back, so your arms are extended in front of you. Squeeze the muscles between your shoulder blades, keeping your arms slightly bent and not locked out.

Spread your arms out to the side while pulling your body to an upright position. It’s challenging to pull your body up at this angle. Slowly return to the leaning-back position. That’s one rep. Aim for 15 reps and two to three sets.

Renegade Row

While in a plank position, row the right dumbbell up toward the chest while keeping the elbow close to the body and squeezing the shoulder blade. Lower the dumbbell to the ground and repeat with the left dumbbell. Jump both feet back into plank position and repeat the exercise for 30 seconds.

Rest for 10 seconds, then repeat for three more rounds.

CoolSculpting to Get Rid of Back Fat

If the stubborn fat on your back just won’t go away no matter how much you exercise you may want to consider CoolSculpting. This is a non-invasive treatment that can help get rid of unwanted back fat and give you the confidence you deserve.

This revolutionary fat reduction procedure uses controlled cooling to freeze and destroy fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue. It is FDA-approved and has been shown to be safe and effective in numerous clinical studies. During the treatment, a special applicator is placed on the treatment area and delivers controlled cooling to freeze the fat cells. Over time, the body naturally eliminates the destroyed fat cells, resulting in a slimmer, more sculpted appearance.

CoolSculpting is a painless procedure, with most patients reporting only a mild sensation of cold during the treatment.

Watch this demo of the correct way to do the TRX Rear Delt Fly:

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