3 Ways To Stop Troublesome Potty Breaks While at The Gym

Have you ever felt like you need to go to the toilet just before your cardio session stats to get intense? There are a lot of people who have this problem and often do not know what to do, or how to stop themselves from taking a potty break. Don’t worry; if you are worried that this may develop into an underlying serious health issue, you are wrong because this actually turns out to be completely normal among people who work out regularly. It is often an indication that you are healthy and well on your way to a better lifestyle.

So how exactly can you stop these urges you might ask? Here are some ways on how to control your bladder from exploding while you’re working out in Fitness First.

  • Make sure to make a trip to the toilet before heading out for a run – Don’t feel alarmed because you are apparently not the only person who feels like they need to run to the toilet during an intense work out. This awkward side effect is actually called a runners trot, this usually happens when your body increases in blood flow and starts to divert from your stomach to all the working muscles in your body. This can also happen to a person who likes to brisk walk or put in some massive work into their daily workouts. In order to control this, try to head to the toilet before you go to the gym, or try eating food that is rich in potassium to help control the loose bowel movements. That way it can save you from going to the toilet in between your workouts. 
  • Eat small portions before working out – Try to avoid eating anything for two hours before working out. Do not try to eat anything that is high in fat and fiber, caffeinated, or rich in artificial flavors, because all of these can trigger loose bowel movement. Always remember to drink lots of water, before, during, and after training. Begin your workouts preferably after you have made a number of visits to the toilet. If you find yourself feeling like you need to use the toilet, make sure that you are near a ladies locker room so that you can run in at any time. 
  • Bring medication – This may sound odd, but when you cannot control the movement of your stomach while at the gym, it’s always a good idea to bring medication to avoid any messy accidents. If you really find yourself having to go to the toilet frequently even while you are not at the gym, it is best that you take some medication to help prevent loose bowel movement. That way it saves you the embarrassment and it will help you continue with your daily routines.

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