Make Lunch Break Workouts Work For You

Don’t have the energy to wake up at the crack of dawn to exercise or to go directly to the gym after work? Don’t worry as you can work out during your lunch break! You can maximize your payment of the Anytime Fitness prices for membership, too, when you come in as many times as you can, even on your lunch break.

Of course, sticking to your lunchtime workouts can be just as challenging as sticking to morning and evening workouts. There are just too many excuses, reasons, and temptations to skip exercising at any time of the day or night. Don’t let them get in the way of getting a healthier mind and body during your lunchtime, and here’s how you can do it.

Wear Your Gym Outfit

Obviously, you shouldn’t report to work in the morning wearing your yoga outfit – tank top, leggings and supportive underwear – especially when it isn’t in line with your office dress code. But you can wear some of your gym outfit underneath your office outfit.

  • Wear your sports bra instead of your regular bra. You can then get out of your office clothes, put on your gym outfit, and work out – no need to change your underwear beforehand. Then, after taking a post-workout shower, you can change into fresh bra and panties.
  • Use a sweat-wicking shirt or tank top underneath your blazer. You can then just remove your blazer before your workout, which means less time spent on changing outfits.
  • Wear your black leggings with a long sweater for casual Fridays, if the office code allows it.

The goal here is that you will spend less time on changing from your office outfit to your workout clothes and more time on your workout.  This also applies to your makeup – be as ready as you can, say, putting up your long hair into a braid, top knot, or ponytail before leaving your house.  Apply as little makeup as possible, too.

Pack Your Lunch

Don’t waste several minutes of your hour-long lunch break on lining up for your lunch. Just pack your lunch and then bring it to the office, and it has the added benefit of knowing what’s in your lunch box.

If you’re doing cardio exercises, your best bet is a lunch filled with healthy carbs and proteins. If it’s strength training day, you should add about 20 grams of protein in your lunch. Eat your lunch within an hour after finishing your workout.

Come with a Plan

This is true whether you like exercising during the morning, lunch or afternoon, or evening hours. You must always have a plan – what your goals are, what exercises you’re doing, and what your intensity and duration will be, to name a few – so you can maximize your time at the gym.

If necessary, you can hire a personal trainer who will serve as your fitness guide. You may be spending more money aside from the membership fees but a personal trainer’s useful inputs will be well worth it.

And if you only have 30 minutes for your lunchtime workout, you should consider HIIT fitness classes. You may have to pay for extra Anytime Fitness prices for these classes but you will be getting great value for your money.

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