3 Tips to Fight Workout Fatigue

If you just enrolled at 9 Round or another fitness club and working out for the first time, you’ll feel tired and sore afterwards. This is to be expected as your body is getting used to the different workouts you’re doing.

While muscle fatigue and weariness cannot be avoided entirely, there are ways to reduce the discomfort.

Workout Regularly

Regular exercise allows your muscles to get accustomed to the movements, stress and pressure. It is much better to work out 20 minutes 3 to 4 times a week than an hour once a week.

Don’t overdo your workouts. Just make sure to do it on a consistent basis as it does a lot to reduce stress and build up resistance. You should also target various muscle groups so you’ll be in the best shape possible. Give yourself some time and your muscles will get accustomed to it.

Warm Up and Stretches

No matter what workouts you perform, do warm up stretches before and after for 5 to 10 minutes. You must never work out with cold muscles as it could lead to injury or at the very least make it harder to do the routines.

Make it a habit to do post workout stretches as well. While warm ups are for limbering up, post stretches are going to help cool your muscles. Rather than come to a sudden stop, it is healthier to do these stretches.

Warm ups and stretches don’t have to be complicated.  Just stretch out your arms, legs and loosen up your body. Allow yourself to work up a bit of sweat so you don’t come in cold during the actual routine.

Proceed at Your Own Pace

Gym workouts are not a race and you’re not in a competition with anyone. Just go along at the pace that you are capable of. As your body overcomes fatigue and soreness you can add one or two new routines.

If you’ve got a personal trainer they will guide you, but if not, there are a lot of workout routines available. It’s a good idea to target your weak muscles, but do expect to feel tired when you first do it.


A lot of the fatigue, injury and weariness that newbies face is due to an incorrect approach. They try to do too much or exercise at an infrequent basis. By following the tips in this guide you’ll overcome muscle fatigue and do more workouts.

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