3 Machines For An Awe-Inspiring Back

While the chest, shoulders and arms are the popular basis for bodybuilding success, experienced bodybuilders know otherwise. In fact, the back is considered as the standard for bodybuilders to say that, indeed, an individual knows his way around weights! The likes of Dorian Yates and The Terminator have wide lats with finely detailed knots, the envy of every aspiring bodybuilder.

Of course, the basic exercises like pull-ups, barbell rows, and deadlifts are great for building your back muscles. But you should also look beyond these exercises and get on these machines, which maximize muscle isolation while minimizing the risk of injury.

Assisted Pull-Up Machine

While pull-downs have their merits, pull-ups are better for building the back. But you may not yet have the strength to perform pull-ups yet you want to do them for this reason.

Your best option: Get on the assisted pull-up machine! This is a machine designed to provide assistance in pulling yourself up, literally, so that you can focus on rep completion and form mastery.  When you become stronger, you can gradually decrease your reliance on said assistance and increase your capacity for full pull-ups.

While it’s a great option, you should also use it well for maximum results. You must use just enough assistance in lifting yourself back up (i.e., negative strength building principle). You should also aim for 8-10 rep range within 3-4 sets while on the machine.

Back Extension Machine

Don’t ignore your lower back either. Keep in mind that the lower back muscles are also essential in achieving your performance and physique goals. You should then add exercises on the back extension machine to strengthen your lower back while also keeping it within a safe fixed line of movement.

You can use it on days when you’re working on your leg and chest. This will add antagonist training to your core strength training so your lumbar region become stronger, not to mention better-looking.

Pull-Over Machine

Dorian Yates is known as “The Shadow” for good reason – his back is so wide, even awe-inspiring, that it can block out the sun, in a manner of speaking. He is also the 6-time winner of Mr. Olympia because his back just screams, “Game over!” whether his competitors like it or not.

What made Yates’ back so amazing? He says that his regular and proper use of the pull-over machine was one of the reasons for his back-to-back success, pun intended.

The next time you’re in an In-Shape Gym, you should make a beeline for these machines and see the results soon enough!

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