10-Minute Workout to Build Strength and Define Your Muscle

Have you ever seen fit women with saggy arms? You’re probably wondering, is that even possible? The arms are one of the toughest body parts especially when it comes to toning. And a lot of women are wrong in thinking that heavy weights as well as workouts such as tricep and bicep curls are the best way to go.

While it is true that doing these workouts can build strength, remember that they do so in unbalanced ways. The reason behind is that they tend to isolate and work on several body parts only. It’s best to do a 10-minute workout that is specifically intended to build strength and define muscles.

The ultimate goal is to create a lean body and to handle this process using moves that can effectively hit major muscles as well as smaller ones. When you target these accessory muscles, it will surely give you that sleek but chiseled appearance. You’re literally sculpting your body, so do it the right way!

10 Minutes to having Well-Defined Arms

The 10-minute sequence would wake up all the small muscles in your arms and hitting them from multiple angles. You might feel a bit sore but rest assured that the process will tighten and tone your muscles. Do this 6 times a week, but do not neglect your daily 30-minute fat burning intense cardio workout.

B-ball Palm Rotation

B-ball Palm Rotation-GymMembershipFeesStart by standing with feet wider than a hip-width. Extend your arms to the sides. Place your palms down in the same position as if holding a basketball. Rotate your arms forward from the shoulder socket until your elbows and palms are facing up. On a reverse motion, lead with the thumb. Do thirty to forty repetitions.

Back-Hand Press

Begin on all fours and with a three-pound weight in your hands. Slightly bend your right elbow and extend your arms straight up, slightly away from your body. Repeat the process 30 to 40 times. Afterwards, switch sides.

The Back hand

The first thing to do is to stand with your feet wider than the hip-width and arms extended to the sides, palms facing back. Slightly bend your right elbow, turn your palm up and pull back your arm behind your body. Afterwards, straighten your arm when you release, then slap your palm back. This should be repeated for 30 to 40 times before switching sides.

The Twisted Front Punch

The Twisted Front Punch-GymMembershipFeesRemain standing with your feet wider than a hip-width. Hold a three-pound weight in your hands. Extend your right arm in front of your body and rotate your arm inward. Repeat the process for 7 times before switching sides.

Building Strength to Blast Fats in 10 Minutes

The paradox of these 10-minute workouts is that they even work when you are not strapped for time. However, most individuals are reluctant to try them because they’re just not fun. However, whether your objective is to be a lot stronger, get fit, lose body fat or fit into a swim suit next summer, make sure to choose the best exercise routines that will help you build strength.

Being physically fit is extremely crucial. Always remember that when you do something about the problem, you’re 100 percent ahead of doing nothing at all. Some naysayers will be saying “No way. These workouts won’t work because they’re not long enough.”

In reality, if you perform the steps properly and with 100 percent intensity, they will surely come up with positive results. Although short, these exercises are ultra effective especially if you would go all-out. Take note that these workouts only last for ten minutes plus they work stand-alone. If there’s a need to modify your normal workout, then they’re certainly one of the best alternatives.

10-Minute Plyometric Workout

This workout regime is totally explosive and equipment-free; thus, they’re capable of burning more calories as well as work several muscles at the same time. It’s a short power-pack routine coupled with long-range benefits. Also, it’s good for office workers, 35 years and below.

The plyometric routine involves:

  • Strength-building
  • Muscle-toning
  • Flexibility
  • Cardio
  • Stretching

For one thing, the stretch-building exercise routine relieves tension in the back and chest muscle areas. Just remember to start your workout with a minute of jumping jacks or light skipping. This form of cardio workout could first be done slowly so as to warm up the body, building speed until you reach the last minute.

After stretching, the same should be followed by strength-building and muscle-toning exercises. Finish the set off with several cool-down stretches. The truth is that all these techniques can be learned at the Equinox (View Prices, Reviews, Guest Pass and Coupons). So, if you’re fond of going to the gym, it is important that you check out the best one in town. Equinox is known to have the most excellent gym instructors who have been properly trained to handle short, but effective workouts.

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