17 Fitness Products Under $40 for Your Home Gym

17 Fitness Products Under $40 for Your Home Gym

If you want to build a home gym on a small budget, check out these products that cost less than 40 bucks.

1. Dumbbells

No home gym would be complete without dumbbells. You can choose from 2 to 15 pounds, and they also come in a wide range of colors and materials.

2. Jump rope

Cardio doesn’t have to be boring. You can get your heart rate up in a fun way with a jump rope.

3. Resistance bands

Can’t afford those weight machines? No problem! You can get a good strength training workout using resistance bands.

4. Stability ball

Stability balls are quite versatile allowing you to build a toned physique in many ways.

5. Ab roller

You can tone your core using an ab roller. The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Roller has built-in resistance and it can be used to work your lower abs and obliques. The handles are comfortable and the extra-wide wheel provides enough stability.

6. Booty band

You can use a booty-sculpting band designed to add resistance to your glute and leg workouts.

7. Exercise mat

An exercise mat can make workouts on the floor comfortable whether you’re doing yoga or an HIIT workout. Try Lululemon’s $30 mat which comes highly recommended.

8. Kettlebell

Kettlebells can make you stronger but using it is definitely not a walk in the park. Dick’s Sporting Goods have kettlebells in various weights and have an ergonomic design for better gripping.

9. Foam roller

A foam roller can help with muscle soreness and it’s definitely a must in any home gym.

10. Subscription to virtual fitness classes

Working out at home can get lonely and boring but not if you join a virtual fitness group class. Memberships cost anywhere from $10-$30 and some even have free access including ClassPass. You get access to all sorts of fitness classes taught by certified instructors.

11. Yoga block

Yoga blocks help you get into more difficult poses and is also helpful for restorative variations.

12. Stepper

A stepper is an aerobics accessory that lets you do cardio sessions at home. Choose one that is adjustable, sturdy and non-skin.

13. Medicine ball

You can add more weight to your workout using a medicine ball, which you can use with crunches, Russian twists and other similar exercises.

14. Core sliders

Planks can be tough but planks with core sliders are even more challenging. The slippery little discs improve your stability and keep your core even more engaged. Definitely worth the extra sweat.

15. Pilates ring

A Pilates ring with padded foam handles gives you the ideal amount of resistance to add more challenge any muscle group in your body.

16. Weighted workout bar

A a bar, size plates, and a weightlifting rack can be costly so if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative, try the weighted workout bar.

17. Runner’s belt

Even if you have a home gym you probably need to incorporate running as part of your routine. So unless you have a treadmill, you’ll need to run outside and this is when you should invest in a runner’s belt. It usually comes with multiple pockets to hold all of your things like your phone, water bottle, chapstick, money, etc.

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