12 Foods You Mustn’t Be Caught Storing in Your Fridge (If You Care About Your Health)

You must have been used to storing usual foodstuff inside your refrigerator such as milk, cheese, water, fresh fruits, vegetable, and the like. Many are healthy and what you need to eat on a daily basis to be in tiptop shape. Others are what you can call fridge nuisance not only because they take up space in your ref but more importantly, they are best left uneaten. Do you recognize the foods that deserve their spot in the fridge, and those that must be discarded immediately?

It’s time to clean up your refrigerator (and kitchen as well). You mustn’t eat anything that will jeopardize your health. Remove unhealthy food items from your fridge and replace with nutritious ones, and you’ll enjoy stronger metabolism, normal cardiovascular system, and even lean muscles.

Here are the 12 food items that you must stock up in your fridge:

1. Pickles

Pickle-GymMembershipFeesWe all love to keep jars of pickles in our refrigerator shelves, not knowing that a tablespoon of this sour delicacy contains the amount of sodium that already represents a good part of recommended daily allowance.

Instead of pickles, why not stock on Sauerkraut? It goes perfectly with any type of sandwich. Fermented cabbage in layman’s term, Sauerkraut offers valuable health nutrients like probiotics and antioxidants.

2. Whole milk

A glass of whole milk can be satisfying and appease hunger, but it also fills you up with calories. It has high fat content that not only raises bad cholesterol level, but worse, lowers the good one. Stock your refrigerator with coconut milk instead. It contains less fat and calories, and so is good for maintaining heart and general health.

3. Lunch meat

Cold cuts and meat slices are a no-no, since they are filled with salts and nitrates. The latter is known to cause many forms of cancer. Lunch meat lovers are at a higher risk of colon cancer.

Instead of lunch meat, a good alternative is chicken. Poultry meat is low in salt, calories, and saturated fat. Likewise, it is affordable meat so you can keep a good supply in your refrigerator. You may store them fresh, or cook some that will last the whole week. Since poultry is lean meat, consumption will help you avoid gaining excess fats and become less prone to cardiovascular diseases.

4. Artificial apple juice / cranberry juice

Artificial apple and cranberry juices are fixtures in many home fridge, which is unfortunate as they are laden with great amounts of sugar. They also lack in nutrients, and so it is best to discard them away. Go for 100% grape juice instead, which is more nutritious and full of antioxidants. Grape juice helps reduce inflammation after a workout.

5. Tonic water

You might think tonic water is a harmless mix to your liquor, and so you tend to keep a few bottles in your refrigerator. Actually, it is high in sugar content. Replace it instead with seltzer, which has zero calories and produces bubbles that you want in your alcohol.

6. Diet soda

While many argue that diet coda is better than regular colas in terms of sugar content, it is not really good for your health. Since diet colas contain artificial sweeteners, they have been known to cause erratic appetite and increase cravings. They contribute to the risk of heart disease. Go for cold water instead, which might be boring but has zero harmful effects to the health. Regular intake of water is important in regulating metabolism.

7. Margarine

Margarine is a fridge staple. It’s cheap and gives great flavour to crackers and sandwiches. However, do you know that it comes with loads of hydrogenated fats, or “bad” LDL cholesterol? Expect heart disease in your latter years if you often use margarine in your food. A wise option is coconut oil, since it is way healthier and good for the heart.

8. Butter

Like margarine, many love to store butter in the fridge. True – while it is a better alternative to margarine since it contains less processed components, butter also has saturated fat that affects cardiovascular health and helps promote weight gain.

Go for avocados instead. They are creamy and closely resemble butter. But what’s important is that they are packed in nutrients that keep the heart healthy.

9. Ranch dressing

The problem with processed dressings is that they have lots of calories and fats. Ranch dressing should stay out of the kitchen and refrigerator shelves forever. Replace it with cottage cheese, the flavour of which can be enhanced when blended with garlic or other herbs and spices. Cottage cheese boasts of healthful probiotics as well.

10. Flavoured Yogurt

It’s time to give up your stock of flavoured yogurt, which you just love to snack on. You guess right, flavoured yoghurt is full of sweeteners and calories that will make you obese and mess up your digestive system. Fill your refrigerator shelf with plain yogurt instead, as it is more nutritious and less in calories. Add honey if you want sweet flavour in your yogurt.

11. Mayonnaise

Spread loads of mayonnaise in your bread and you allow excessive fats and calories into your body system. Mayonnaise has no place in the fridge. Get a bottle of low-calorie and low-fat mustard instead, which perks up any type of sandwich. If you can’t give up on mayo, minimize use or simply mix a small amount with pesto. Result? Healthier spread and lesser fat.

12. Processed cheese

Processed cheese comes in slices and is individually wrapped. You love having a package in your ref, don’t you? Unfortunately, it has nothing but lots of preservatives. Stock up on real cheddar cheese instead, which is less is calories and salt.

Remember, keep these 12 food items away from your refrigerator and stock healthy alternatives instead, eat moderately, and engage in regular exercise at a good gym like Retro Fitness and Orange Theory Fitness. Be assured that you’ll be fit, trim, and healthy in no time at all.

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