Working Out With Your Dog: What You Need to Know

Dogs are awesome workout buddies. They have a positive attitude, are always eager to please and they always have the energy to keep up with you. Here are some workout ideas you and your furry friend can do:

1. Trail Running

Naturally, your dog will  run anywhere with you but trail running is better. The beautiful scenery and fresh air will make the activity more enjoyable for the both of you, and the softer ground is also easier on your dog’s paws.

2. Doga

This is short for dog yoga, and it seems to be the craze these days. There are gyms that hold yoga classes for humans and pets and it aims to promote wellness, calmer disposition, and also helpful for overweight or injured dogs.

3.  Tennis

This may come as a surprise but yes you can play tennis with your dog. Of course it doesn’t mean your dog will need to hold a tennis racket. Improvise a bit and incorporate a game of fetch into the activity and you’ll both have lots of fun with this physical workout.

4. Cardio Circuit

To do this, run for 30 seconds at a time and then do a strengthening exercise like pushups or squats.

5. Shake and Lunge

Perform a backward stepping lunge and then shake your dog’s hand when you go down. Repeat 10-12x.

6. Puppy Push-Ups

If you have a strong enough back and your dog is not too heavy, place him or her on your back and do 10 push ups.

7. Dog Wall Sit

If you have a small dog, position your back against the wall and lower your knees until it’s perpendicular to the floor. Carry your dog for added weight. If you have a large dog, a little modification is needed. Have your dog sit from across you and for added weight place their paws on your legs.

8. Swimming

If you have a pool or lake near your home, you can go swimming with your dog. It’s a wonderful full body exercise for the both of you.

9.  Ultimate Frisbee

Head out for a game of ultimate Frisbee if you want a good cardio workout that also improves hand-eye coordination.

10.  Obstacle Course

Gather things you can use to create an obstacle course that you and your dog can take part in such as a hula hoop, some old tires, etc. It’ll be a fun way to break a sweat.

Working Out Safely with Your Puppy

When you have a puppy or a dog, it’s important that you let them exercise regularly. Doing so is great for their physical and mental health, and it allows them to socialize with other people and dogs which is necessary for proper behavioral development.

But to ensure the activities are safe for your pet, consider the following:

  • Check the temperature outside. If you’re planning to exercise with your dog outdoors, it’s imperative that you first check the temperature because dogs can overheat easily. Hot pavement can also burn their feet.
  • Don’t let your pet exercise right after eating as this can cause issues like bloating.
  • Discuss with your vet how you can protect your pet from tick bites while you’re outdoors.
  • Be aware of signs of fatigue such as stopping, lagging behind you, panting, slowing their pace, etc. When this happens, make sure your dog gets some rest and be well-hydrated.
  • If you notice signs of overheating such as drooling, excessive panting, confusion, agitation or vomiting, apply cool water on their body and fan move your pet to a cooler place right away.

Exercising with your dog can be a wonderful way to strengthen your bond and spend more time together. Spending time in gyms like 9 Round can be great but you can always spend a couple of days a week exercising with your dog. He’ll love you more for it!

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