Why You Should Workout with Your Spouse

I’ve been working out with my spouse since 2015 and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Exercise can be a good source of joy and energy in a relationship. But don’t get me wrong. It’s not always a bed of roses when working out with your partner. Conflicts and disagreements are sure to arise.

But all things considered, working out together is a great way to grow and strengthen your relationship. Here are the reasons why I wholeheartedly recommend it:

1. You will both get better results.

Exercising with your partner makes you push harder and in fact, one study found that exercising as a couple resulted in 2X the performance. In our experience, it seems like working out as a couple makes us want to work harder so as not to look weak. Sometimes it becomes a competition, but a healthy one at that. So when one of us is better at a particular workout, the other is pushed to boost performance. And we also get to discuss how we can have more effective workouts, enabling us to get better results.

2. There’s more variety in your workouts.

Having differences in workout preferences and fitness levels doesn’t mean you’ll have to learn to compromise. In reality, you will end up with more variety and a more well-rounded fitness program. Your spouse might enjoy cardio workouts like running, while you prefer strength training. But since you’re working out together, you will have to do cardio and your spouse will do more strength training workouts with you. In the end, you both get to do two kinds of exercises instead of just one. Not only will having more variety give you more fun and challenge but will also make sure you don’t hit plateau.

3. It will strengthen your relationship.

Doing something new together always strengthens the bond of any couple. The brain releases a the feel good chemical dopamine when you try new things. And, when you’re doing it with your partner, then you both get that feel good feeling. It will put you both in good mood and even encourage more intimacy. Studies show that exercise triggers physiological arousal, stimulating our brains to react in a way similar to how it reacts to lovemaking.   Another benefit to your relationship is increased emotional bond through mimicry or following the same movements.

4. It makes you more accountable.

Working out together means your spouse will hold you accountable and vice versa. So during times when you feel like sleeping in or just watching Netflix after a long day in the office, your partner will encourage you to exercise instead of putting it off. 

5. You’ll spend more quality time together.

Working out engaging in a physical activity as a couple is a better way to spend more quality time as a couple. You can schedule a trail hike for the weekend, a 10-mile walking tour in your city, or even an afternoon bike ride . Treat it as a date that not only gives you more time together but also helps you stay fit and healthy.

Here’s a 10-minute couples routine you can try:


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