Why you should create your own specialized workout routine and train at your own pace

Each and every one of us was born with a different body and not everyone is cut out to be an athlete. It will be hard to train like everybody else especially if you’re an office worker who has to work a 9-5 job.

But however busy your schedule may be, you still have to find the time to train and improve your body. And the best way to keep up your health is to create your very own workout routine that works well with your schedule. There are even some gyms out there who will help you find your own personalized workout routine.

How Do I Make My Own Workout Routine That Works For Me?

Make some time

If you aren’t the organized type then we suggest you create a detailed schedule of your work hours and free time. You can plan the week in advance just to make sure that nothing can interrupt your training routine.

You can even follow my schedule which is to wake up early in the morning and train before going to work. It actually pumps me up and makes me more productive.

Make a fitness goal

If you’re new to the world of exercise and fitness regimes then we suggest that you consult a professional and follow their advice. Make realistic goals that you can achieve and create an exercise routine that fits well with your schedule.

The types of exercises that you will be doing depends on your fitness goal. If you plan to join and complete a triathlon then you should be training how to run, swim and ride a bicycle.

If you plan to have ripped body like those Hollywood superstars then you need to create a diet routine and follow a specialized workout regime.

Stick with it

They say that starting out is the hardest part of any workout routine but sticking with your own workout routine is way harder. Your boss might give you more work, you may get injured, you might get tired and lazy, etc.

But if you’re truly serious in achieving your goal, then you would do everything in your power to stick with your workout routine.

Boss gave you more work? Then find the time to work out after or before work.

Feeling lazy? Get yourself motivated and learn self-discipline.

Train at your own pace

It’s okay to be competitive and compare yourself to other people. But if you’re comparing yourself to someone who is more experienced and more athletic than you, then you will always feel frustrated.

It doesn’t matter if that guy or gal does more reps than you, it doesn’t matter if some people at the gym are more muscular than you because you are here to improve yourself and have better body, so train at your own pace.

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