What’s The Best Way to Lean Bulk if you’re a beginner?

Bulking is the process of gaining more weight so that a bodybuilder can have more muscle mass.  Lean bulking is an advanced bulking technique that allows you to gain more muscle mass without gaining a lot of fat. Lean bulking requires a lot of discipline and commitment but it is doable.

Here are some introductory lean bulking methods for beginners

1) Do a lot heavy compound lifting exercises

If you’re planning to bulk then you should create the appropriate stimuli to promote muscle growth. You can do this by training at a high end gym where you’ll see more results in your gains.

There are tons of way to stimulate muscle growth but decades of research and results from bodybuilders have shown that the best way to gain muscle mass is by lifting heavy weights. Of course lifting heavy weights randomly is a big bodybuilding no-no, so you have to create a workout routine and follow it. We highly recommend that you incorporate heavy compounds exercises such as deadlifts, squats, military presses, and bench presses into your workout routine.

2) Eat a high-carb and high-protein diet

But eating high-carbs is bad for my abs! Low-carb diets are good for maintaining muscle defintion but high-carb diets are great if you plan to bulk up. So if you don’t want to eat high-carbs then it’s your choice, but you’ll have a harder time gaining muscle that way.

Muscles are made out of protein so it’s really common sense that you need protein to build protein.  Just don’t overdo it since there is a limit on how much protein the body can absorb. The best way to not “overdo it” is by having some carbs and maybe some veggies in your meals.

3) Eat a little more calories than you burn

Thin and skinny people who can’t gain weight are making one big mistake, they are not eating enough calories.

You can’t gain muscle mass if you’re taking too little calories. No matter how heavy or how much you exercise, know that your muscles won’t grow bigger if you don’t eat enough.

Eating a lot of calories is good but don’t overdo it.  If you don’t use it right away then those extra calories will turn into fat. That’s why we highly recommend that you eat just a little more calories than you burn.  That way you’ll gain muscle without getting fat.

4) Don’t cheat

A lot of those so called “dieters” who don’t see results are guilty of this. They tell you they tried Diet A or Diet B only to find out that it didn’t work. Some of them might be telling the truth but the sad reality is that they most of them likely “cheated” on their diet.

There are tons of delicious ice cream, chocolates and food all around us. And it’s hard not to give to temptation, that’s why we’ve said that lean bulking requires a lot of discipline.

Have cheat days if you can’t stick to your diet. At least that way you can minimize the damage. But if you have the willpower and discipline, then just don’t cheat.

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