What You Shouldn’t Eat to Boost Your Fat Blasting Efforts

Non-invasive fat blasting treatments are highly preferable for lots of people because they’re not as fussy as surgeries. They’re easier to go through as they don’t have lots of requirements and are not as risky as traditional liposuction. 

However, this does not mean that it doesn’t come with a number of requirements. If you’ve been doing your homework, you’d know that it’s not the be all, end all of fat reduction. It still needs you to get into good shape before giving you the results you want. 

You will also need to remember a few things to maintain the good results you got from the treatment. It shouldn’t be as difficult as what you’ll need to go through if you had conventional liposuction, however. As by the time you get great results from treatments like Athenix Body or Sonobello, you should already have a good fitness routine in place. You’ll just really need to take upkeep measures to make the most out of the procedure you just went through.

A good diet, ample exercise, and good sleep hygiene will always be essential if you want to keep the body you’ve worked hard for and invested in. You’ll need to pay closer attention to your diet, however, as there are a few things that you should not eat if you want to maintain the shape you’ve achieved.

What are these food items that you should skip if you wish to maintain the figure you’ve achieved with the help of a fat reduction treatment? Here are a few you should take note of:

High-sodium food

Sodium causes water retention which can lead to swelling so you should absolutely avoid food with high sodium content after your procedure. They can also trigger inflammations which can slow down your body’s healing process. 

Processed food

Processed food contains a lot of chemicals, preservatives, fillers, and sodium so they’re not good for you in general. They will not nourish your body and will also fill you up with empty calories, bad cholesterol, and trans fats. As healing your body requires only the good things to help it recuperate, it’s best to just feed yourself with whole foods that will actually give you the nutrients you need to recover.


Sugar is another major no-no for those recovering from a fat-blasting procedure because it leads to weight gain.


You absolutely cannot drink alcohol before and after a fat reduction treatment as it will have a major effect on the process. If you consumed alcohol around the time of your procedure, your liver will be more busy with processing the alcohol instead of the broken down fat deposits in your bloodstream. This will prevent you from getting the best results.

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