Want Sexy Abs? Here’s What You Need to Do

Most women mistakenly think that the development of abs muscles is strictly for men only. They don’t know that they also have abs muscles that they can develop to enhance their curves.

Abs Workout for Women is Different

But trying to shape your middle with moves such as crunches will prevent you from taking advantage of the various ranges of movements that can develop beautiful abs for women. If you want the right results, you just need to do more reps of the moves that are suited for your gender.

The key is to do bigger and broader moves and then to start thinking smarter by doing streamlined abs exercises. With this approach, you will be able to develop your abs muscles faster.

If you are already doing strength training, you can just replace one of your routines with abs workout.

Abs Exercises for Women

With regards to these exercises, the key to success is to do a set without resting in between. When you reach the last routine, just rest one minute, and then repeat the circuit three times.

Exercise 1 – Overhead alternating reverse lunge, with Saxon side bend

Stand and hold a pair of dumbbells and extend them directly overhead with your feet shoulder width apart and your palms facing in. Keep a straight back and tighten your core and then step back with your left foot and lower your body into a lunge.

While keeping your arms straight, start leaning your upper body to the right. Reverse this movement in returning to your original position. Do these movements eight times, and repeat them on your other side.

Exercise 2 – Weighted half-wipers

Lie down on your back with a medicine ball between your feet, your right hand holding a dumbbell extending above your chest and your legs perpendicular to the ground. Hold your arms and legs straight then start lowering your legs to your left while lowering the dumbbell to your right. Reverse these movements in returning to your original position.

Repeat these movements 10 times and switch sides and repeat the routine.

Exercise 3 – Medicine ball transfer

Hold a medicine ball with one hand and then lie on your back, while your legs are perpendicular to the floor and your arms extended beyond your head.

With your arms straight, start lifting your shoulders while placing the ball between your feet. Then slowly lower your legs down. Return to your original position by reversing these movements while lifting the ball with your legs and then grabbing it with your hands. This is one rep. Repeat it 12 times.

Exercise 4 – Offset step-up press

Hold a dumbbell on each hand above your right shoulder, with your palm facing in and your elbows bent. Put your left foot on a tall box. Then press through your left heel so that you can step on the box.

Next, raise your right knee in front and press the dumbbell overhead. Then reverse these movements as you return to your original position. Perform 8 reps and then switch sides and repeat the routine

Exercise 5 – Dumbbell press with your feet elevated

Hold a dumbbell in each hand above your chest and lie on a bench. With your palms facing up and your knees bent, start raising your feet so that your knees and hips are bent about 90 degrees.

Hold your core and press your right body weight to the ceiling while fully extending your arm. Then slowly lower your back to your original position, and switch your movements on your left side. Repeat the routine 8 times. At last, make sure to stop by your favorite gym such as 9 Round or Powerhouse Gym to begin working on those sexy abs and get those results that you’ve always wanted,

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