Useful CorePower Yoga Tips for Absolute Beginners

Useful CorePower Yoga Tips for Absolute Beginners

If you’ve been to some yoga classes before, then you’re in for a shock if you’re expecting something similar in a CorePower Yoga gym. This is not exactly the same basic type of yoga that’s been around for last few thousand years.

It’s relatively new, though it’s still recognized as a form of yoga. It retains the mindfulness of traditional yoga, but then you mix in an astonishing physical workout that’s a lot more strenuous. Basically, you’re getting the modern vibe of a contemporary workout class (complete with music, even), but you also enjoy the feel-good vibes that yoga can provide. You just forgo the standard yoga chanting and go with a pop remix rhythm.

If you’re a newbie, here are some tips that can help you out.

Do Your Research Before You Sign Up for a Class

CorePower Yoga actually covers several different classes. The basic class for newbies is CorePower Yoga 1, and you’re well-advised to stick to this first before you try the other classes. This basic class isn’t held in a heated studio, although the other classes are.

Go with the CorePower Yoga 2 class once you’re done with the first one and you need to move on to a more challenging class. The pace will be a bit faster while the poses will be more challenging. It will involve a bit more core work as well.

You can try the Hot Power Fusion class for a slower pace, although this can also enhance your strength and flexibility. With the Yoga Sculpt classes, you’re mixing in yoga with some cardio and light weight training.

Be Ready for A Lot of Work

The type of yoga here is labeled as “high intensity”, and they’re not kidding. You’ll move from pose to pose, and you’ll test your balance with plenty of single-leg standing poses. You’ll also do a lot of yoga pushups, and by the end of the class those pushups won’t seem easy at all.

Throughout the class, the instructor will generally encourage you to increase the intensity of the poses. The good news is that they won’t force you to push your body beyond what you’re comfortable doing.

Wear Fitted Clothes instead of Loose Clothing

If you’re in these classes, you’ll really want to your clothes to move with you. This keeps you from getting distracted if you need to keep pulling your shorts or shirt down. Many of the poses have you bent over or even upside down, so your loose clothes will just hang over you.

If you’re a guy, you don’t even have to really wear shirts, though tank tops will do fine. Slimmer-cut shorts, with tight boxer briefs will be best. For the ladies, fitted tanks are always popular, and some women just went with sports bras to go with the leggings.

Anticipate the Sweat

Lots of the classes here are held in heated studios. That means your body will be challenged to deal with this heat. Also, you’re really going to sweat it out.

Don’t be embarrassed, even if you perspire heavily. Even those who normally don’t sweat much will be sweating a lot after all these exercises.

That means you really should bring a towel with you to class. We’re not talking about those small hand towels. Instead, you really need a full-sized towel that you might use after you shower. Lots of newbies forget this, which is why the gym generally offers a free towel for you to use after the first class. But you’re on your own for the 2nd class, so learn quickly.


Since you’re sweating a lot, you really will need to rehydrate to make up for all those lost liquids. The trainers recommend that you drink a lot the day before class, the day of the class, and even the day after the class. So don’t forget to pause and sip a bit of water every now and then. Your teacher will remind you all of this during class, but you need to keep this in mind especially if you try to do these things on your own at home.

Have fun with CorePower Yoga!

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