Top Tips on Keeping Your Kids Active

Top Tips on Keeping Your Kids Active

There’s a lot of concern (especially after the Covid lockdowns) that a lot of people these days are turning into couch potatoes. That’s not exactly helping with the overall health situation in the US.

And it’s especially not helpful with kids. Very young kids can be naturally frisky and active, but the recent lockdowns might have stifled all that. And older kids might have turned to binge-watching TV shows and playing video games all day for amusement.

It’s actually important for parents to make sure that their kids are physically active for their health. Obesity among children is at almost 20% in the US, and that’s about 14.7 million kids. The lack of physical activity certainly has something to do with that, since they’re not burning off enough calories.

In addition, childhood is the best time to encourage kids to form healthy habits. If they get used to just lounging around in bed or on the couch watching Netflix, then they’re less likely to be more active when they turn into adults. They’re less likely to become members at the nearest CKO Kickboxing gym, or engage in sports.

Thus, it falls on the parents to encourage their kids to be more physically active. Younger kids ages 5 years old and below should be encouraged to be active all day. Once they turn 6 and they have school to deal with, they still need about an hour of physical activity (moderate to vigorous) each day.

If you’re a parent, here are ways you can help your kids:

Don’t Discourage Active Kids When They’re Young

Very young kids ages 3 to 5 years old are often naturally active. Don’t scold them for this, even if you’re trying to work in your home and you find their noise and activities distracting. If you scold them for their rambunctiousness, they might just learn to be less active. Instead, get them out of the house for their play.

Set a Positive Example

Young kids look to their parents as an example of what to do. After all, they like to pretend they’re older, so they emulate their parents. Take advantage of this tendency by actually living an active life yourself. Do regular workouts, and let your kids see you exercise. Let them see you running, and they’ll want to run as well.

Get the Whole Family Active Together

In fact, why not have the entire family engage in physical activities. At the very least, you can take family walks. Dad might teach the kids volleyball, while Mom can play basketball with the kiddies.

Gift the Kids with Sports Equipment

This is an unsubtle but effective way to get kids playing and moving. You want to encourage your kids to play basketball? Start with a basketball so your kids learn to dribble. Or you can get them a bat, a baseball, and a baseball glove.

Be Positive when Your Kids Take an Interest in Sports

Again, don’t discourage them. Sure, it might cost you a bit in terms of your time and money, but they’re all well spent towards keeping your kids healthy (both physically and socially).

Take the Kids to Playing Fields

These can be the local public park or a nearby basketball court. Find the places where other parents take their kids and bring your own kids there, so they can all play together.

Final Words

Of course, as a parent you do have to think about your kids’ safety. Even riding a bicycle comes with certain risks, so make sure you get them the appropriate safety gear like bicycle helmets. You should also make sure that the physical activities are right for the age of your kids.

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