Top 7 Tips for Zumba Newbies

Top 7 Tips for Zumba Newbies

Lots of people join gyms and shortly thereafter, quit going. That’s because they eventually realize that most workouts aren’t really all that fun. Doing cardio and lifting weights oftentimes mean a lot of hard work.

But there are other workouts you can do, and they’re a lot more fun than your usual workouts. Perhaps the most entertaining among them is Zumba, which is a sort of dance workout. In gyms like LA Fitness where they offer a wide range of different gym classes, Zumba classes are often the most popular option.

Tip #1. Go with Zumba for Weight Loss

Zumba is truly effective in burning calories. An hour of Zumba can lead to burning off as many as 1,000 calories. The workout tones your whole body, gets your heart rate going and your blood flowing, and it’s truly a lot of dancing fun. If you’re the sort of person who quits when things get boring, then Zumba is for you.

However, you may have some preexisting medical or health condition that makes Zumba not such a very good idea for you. So, if you have some sort of heart or breathing issue, check with your doctor first.

Tip #2. Wear the Right Outfit

Start with comfortable clothes, which allow you to move freely. The clothes should be able to handle sweat properly, which means you should go for moisture-wicking materials. And they should be lightweight as well.

That doesn’t mean that you should look like a bum, wearing your oldest clothes to the class. This is a social event, as you’re dancing with lots of other people. It’s basically a party, so where something nice (while also comfy, lightweight, and moisture-wicking).

Bring a towel as well, since sweating is a foregone conclusion here. And a water bottle is also a very good idea.

As for your shoes, go with low-tread sneakers. Cross trainers or even dance sneakers are good. What’s not good is a pair of Shape-Up shoes, which are specifically designed to challenge your balance while you walk. These shoes can make you lose your balance as you try to do the various Zumba dance moves.

Tip #3. Go Slow

Start with maybe 2 classes a week, before you go more frequently. Maybe you can find a half-hour session first, before you jump into the hour-long classes.

You will need to get accustomed to the workload, so you’ll have to build up your stamina gradually. Once your body gets used to the hour-long sessions, then you can opt for more classes per week.

Tip #4. Drink Water 20 Minutes Before the Zumba Session

You’re going to sweat during this workout, believe that. So, you better get some water reserves in you beforehand. Just don’t drink too much water just before the session starts, because that will make you feel full and bloated.

And don’t forget your water bottle, although you’ll need to take in small sips during the session.

Tip #5. Also Eat Some Light Snack Before the Session

We’re not talking about a huge triple-patty burger here. Instead, we recommend a fruit or perhaps a small packet of nuts. If you’re going to eat something before the Zumba class, finish your meal 2 hours before the start of class. That way, you also don’t feel full and bloated. 

Tip #6. Try to Stand in the Middle Row

It’s understandable if you don’t want to be on the front row. It’s intimidating, especially for newbies. Also, you can’t see how the other people in class are doing. It’s often a relief to check out the others and find out that you’re not the only one messing up.

But the back row is a bad idea as well. often, there’s not much room back there. Also, you can’t see the instructor very well.

The middle row is ideal. You can still see the instructor, you have classmates you can check out in front of you, and there’s also lots of room.

Tip #7. Don’t Be Afraid to Mess Up

No one’s filming the class session, so don’t be too self-conscious out there. Have fun and rock the moves, even if you mess up a lot. If you’re a newbie, that’s to be expected. Even the long-time Zumba vets make mistakes as well.

Of course, no one’s stopping you from practicing the moves you learn when you’re back home, so you can do them better for the next class. You can watch some online videos and practice.

The main thing is that you pretend that no one is watching you. Clear your mind, feel the music, and cut loose.

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