Top 5 Ways for Efficient Workouts

When you’re at the World Gym, a great workout isn’t all about what you’re doing while you’re there. In most cases, the things you do before working out can help a lot in fulfilling your goals. That means your prep game can spell the difference between doing everything correctly and not bothering about it at all.

Everyone gets busy, so it’s tempting to make workouts optional. But if you take the time to make yourself motivated for a workout, it enables you to make the most out of it. You’ll have the enthusiasm and motivation to reach your fitness goals, regardless of whatever it is.

In this guide, you’ll learn ways on how to make your workouts more efficient. Read on and find out more.

1. Set Goals, No Matter How Minor

If you’re looking to maximize your workout gains, think about what your desired results are. Ask this before you go to the gym. Make sure to have a definite idea of the things you’re hoping to gain from this workout routine.

For example, your goals can be something like gaining strength, increasing your endurance or improving your body’s composition. It can also be something simple, like increasing your daily movements or breaking out of a rut. Regardless, these goals are vital to keeping your motivation and confidence in the long run.

Also, having a goal makes them more feasible. Once you start getting these off your bucket list, you’ll become more inclined to believe that even your loftier goals are attainable. With that, it’s important to break your goals into manageable chunks first.

For example, challenge yourself to a new fitness routine each week, especially if your main goal is to spice up your workout. Regardless of the goal, accomplishing it will make you feel good. When this becomes a cycle, you’ll become fitter in no time.

2. Make a Plan Outside the Gym

A performance-based or holistic goal can benefit a lot from planning. That means you’ll have to make decisions that can help you before you set foot in the gym. For example, if you’re feeling stuck in a workout routine, you should get a new one scheduled as soon as possible.

Do your research and look for possible exercises and machines that you can take. It’s especially important when you’re not part of a workout group. Take note, you can start whenever you can, so it’s important to plan it first.

The idea is that you need to have a more concrete plan. That way, you map your journey towards the goals you’ve set beforehand. Make sure to keep it in writing and within reach since this prevents you from winging it once you’re in the gym.

Also, this map serves as a guide, giving it flexibility. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate and change it as you see fit. It’s necessary since your body might still need to recover from the soreness last gym session.

3. Use Your Phone

Bringing your phone during your workout routine should only for your exercises. Check out your workout repetitions as well as measuring your rest times. In some cases, all you need is to use it for motivational music.

If you’re using your phone to scroll through your social media feeds, you’re doing yourself a disservice. It messes up your concentration and might make you less motivated to exercise. In this case, you need to put it on airplane mode at least.

4. Think about Your Snack and Meal Schedule

The food you eat as well as their schedule can determine the effectiveness of your workout. Sometimes, you’re too hungry to do anything in the gym; other times, you’re too full from the last-minute snacking while in the car to make any sit-ups.

As always, there’s no set standard amount of food you should eat to maximize your workout gains. As a general rule, you should avoid eating a lot of fiber and fat. Regardless, it often takes several adjustments to find that sweet spot.

5. Make Warm-Up Adjustment to Have a Strong Finish

When thinking of a warm-up, stretching is the first thing you think about. But most gym experts say that ballistic stretches aren’t the best choice for warming up. After all, you’re stretching a cold muscle, which won’t make it move better during the workout.

As an alternative, warm up by doing the same movements that you’re about to do in your routine. This ensures that your muscles are working within the motion range of your exercises. As for strength training, do five minutes of light cardio before doing these movements.


Working out is all about efficiency. If you don’t train your body with this in mind, you’re unlikely to achieve your goals within a short time. That’s why you should follow these tips and maximize your gains.

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