Tips on How to Reduce Stress Eating

Tips on How to Reduce Stress Eating

Being overweight or obese is one of the most popular reasons why people flock to gyms like Bodyplex these days. Obviously, working out helps to burn calories brought on by overeating.

But why do you eat so much? For many, it’s actually because they eat when they’re stressed. Modern life is quite stressful, and that means many of us eat a lot.

Stress eating has become a serious issue for lots of us. If this is a problem for you as well, here are some tips that may help you avoid eating when you’re feeling stressed out:

Take a Deep Breath

When you’re feeling stressed and you have this urge to eat something, try this instead. Stay still, or better yet, sit down. Close your eyes, and then take 5 deep breaths. That should help with the stress and ensuing panic that sometimes happen to people under stress.

Keep doing this every now and then, whenever you feel like the stress is too much.

Drink Water

There’s just something about drinking a large glass of water that’s quite relaxing. Most people don’t drink enough water, anyway, so drink up. If you’re properly hydrated, it keeps the stress levels down.

The water also helps to make you feel full, and that should alleviate the hunger pangs for the moment.

Take a Walk

If you’re feeling stressed, go out and take a nice, short walk. This doesn’t have to take up a lot of time, anyway. Go around the block. A short, 15-minute walk gets your blood pumping, and also keeps you distracted and relaxed. Take note of your surroundings, instead of focusing too much on your current problems.

Listen to a Favorite Song

Music has a great power to relax us, especially if it’s a song we like. So have one ready on your smartphone. Set up your earbuds, and just listen. This is great if your favorite relaxing song is especially apt, like some music from Enya. This is better than some hardcore metal music that pumps up your adrenaline.

And while you’re listening to your song, close your eyes as well. Relax, and keep taking deep breaths.

Do a Quick Stretching Routine

This helps you vent out when you’re stressed, and you have this urge to do something. Doing a few stretches let you move around, and this can distract you from thoughts of stress eating.

Start with a few jumping jacks, and maybe some pushups as well. A short bit of exercise is really relaxing, and helps to immediately reduce your current stress levels. And since you’re doing only light stretches and exercises, you’re not really stressing out your body.

Shout Out at the Sky

This works only when you’re alone, maybe when you’re at home. Obviously, you shouldn’t do this when you’re in a public place, as people might think you’re crazy.

Shouting out is quite therapeutic, as you really vent out a lot of your frustration and stress.

Play with Your Dog

This is one of the most relaxing activities you can do. It is why emotional support dogs have become so popular. Pet dogs are always accepting, and that’s always gratifying. Go take a walk with the dog, or play fetch. In fact, you can just sit and have the dog on your lap. It’s very calming to just spend some time petting your dog, while you’re relaxing and taking deep breaths.

Write in Your Journal

This distracts you from thoughts of food, even as it stirs up your artistic side. You might also want to note whatever stressor caused this particular urge to eat. That way, you can note some patterns to your stressing eating and you’ll be more prepared.

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