The Little Gym Running Essentials

Maybe your New Year resolution was to complete a marathon this year, or maybe you needed to lose some weight and your choice of cardio is running. Whatever the reason you picked to pound on that treadmill at Crunch Fitness or hit that jogging trail, it is crucial that you find the right tools as you embark on this journey. There is a saying that a bad workman blames his tools, however, there are occasions when the tools are the culprit for your woes. A bad pair of shoes can increase your chances of sustaining injury, while a good pair can help you achieve great success.

Here are the absolute basics everyone should have before they start:

1. Running Shoes

Running Shoes - GymMembershipFeesThis one feels a little obvious for most people. However, when purchasing shoes there are a few things you must look for. Ensure the shoe fits right, and provides adequate support and cushioning. Nike Airs are a great option for those who want to purchase high-end sneakers that are designed specifically for running. You can find them by looking up Nike Air VaporMax trainer drops, as Nike is always releasing new models of sneakers. Nike’s shoes have a great combination of cushioning, support and style that make it one of the top brands for running shoes. Also buy a shoe designed for running and nothing else. As such, we recommend that you speak to the salespeople prior to purchasing a shoe, they have the experience and will know what shoe is appropriate for your weight and feet.

2. Clothes

Unless you are training for the military, you want to be as light as possible. The right clothes ensure this. Buy jackets, shirts, shorts and pants that made from materials which wick sweat away from your body and let it evaporate much faster. These prevents the sweat from bogging down your outfit, and it also keeps you cool.

For women there is an extra important piece of clothing you must obtain, and that is the sports bra. When you run, gravity causes the ligaments in your breast tissue to stretch. The sports bra fixes this by providing adequate support and minimizing movement.

3. Water Bottle

Water is vital to the functions of your body, and the last thing you want is to get dehydrated while on a run. Buy a water bottle, they are relatively cheap and can be used for running and other workout exercises. They are great for rehydrating when on break, or if you are going to run for close to an hour you can bring one along for the run.

4. Log Book

Running should be fun, and it is fun, however, results are also a significant part of the journey. With a log book you can chart your times and distances run, so that you can see how you are faring in terms of your goals. For marathon runners this can be very useful when you want to train within a short span of time, and for beginners it helps you set goals and achieve them.

5. Sports Watch

For beginners this may not be essential, but as you progress you need to track your times. A good sports watch can store your lap times and maybe even mile splits. With this you can chart your progress, and rapidly see where you are having difficulty.

6. Energy Source

Carbohydrates are the body’s fuel. Running consumes a lot of carbs, and no one wants a hypoglycemic episode in the middle of a run. It is advisable to consume a complex carbohydrate prior to a run, and if you are going on a long run carry an energy bar or energy drink.

At The Little Gym they understand how much work it takes to achieve those fitness goals. That is why we encourage you to obtain the right equipment. It will keep you from undermining your goals, and will instead place you in a position to be in top shape. Now go out there and run.

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